Sunday, May 27, 2007

Never Before

As I promised in my previous post, here is one entitled NEVER BEFORE. Several of these thoughts came to me this morning while sitting in our worship service. I won't tell you which ones. You might "put me in a box" and I don't mean a casket.

Anyhow, pilgrim pals, here they are:


  1. Has time flown by so quickly. We're almost through the month of May and I just got home from England yesterday...or I guess it was March 8th. Where has the time gone? WOW!

  2. Have I felt my age like I've done in recent weeks. Arthur and Bertha aren't just visitors anymore, they're residents. For those who haven't read earlier posts, A & B are arthritis and bursitis. It used to be that people thought I looked at least 5 years younger that my age. Now they add on 5 years. YIKES!

  3. Have I enjoyed walking in our Back 40 like I do now. We have 3 1/2 acres of property here at home (see picture at top). Now that we're thinking of selling our place I'm thoroughly enjoying the time in the back field sitting by the creek, listening to the birds, enjoying the quiet. I hope we can stay! I really do!

  4. Have I heard such a clear, powerful, biblical message on what Pentecost Sunday really is all about. Steve Kennedy (don't tell anybody but he's a Pentecostal preacher) speaking in a Brethren assembly about the Holy Spirit? YES! And he did an excellent job! SCARY? No! I knew He would. He didn't disappoint. There should have been a few more hearty AMEN's! And, by the way, Steve and I would both prefer to be known as Christians. And, if we had to be, we'd rather be pentecostal and brethren with a small "p" and a small "b".

  5. Have I stood up in a Breaking of Bread service and thanked somebody for honking the horn on his transport truck when he passed my office. I did this morning! Ron Goodson was a real encouragement to me this week! He's been off work for quite some time but he's back on a part-time basis and to hear that horn (he did it twice this week) was so refreshing! An answer to prayer!

  6. Have I looked forward to a Stanley Cup Final with such anticipation as I am this season. Mike Fisher and the Senators are going to give us a demonstration on what hockey is all about!

  7. Have I dreaded a Stanley Cup Final like I am this year. I'll be a nervous wreck! I'm not sure if I'll be able to watch. When your own flesh and blood is out there on the ice playing his heart out you get anxious. Go Sens Go!

  8. Have I looked forward to the summer months like I am this spring. Homework? The word makes me sick! I can't wait 'til the kids are out of school and we are FREE from their studies. Some parents dread the summer. Not us! We can't wait!

  9. Have I enjoyed blogging as much as I am this month. Over 50 posts already and the month isn't over yet. You can have your MSN and your Facebook! I love blogging! It's a way of communicating my heart and sharing God's incredible love.

  10. Have I realized the truth of A. W. Tozer's statement when He said, "What comes into our minds when we think of God is the most important think about us." He opens his classic book THE KNOWLEDGE OF THE HOLY with that thought. Do yourself a favor! Pick up a copy of this book! It's only 120 pages long but it will transform your thinking! DO IT! Think about it! What comes to your mind when you think about God? Maybe we need to change our thinking.
Well there you have it, pilgrim pals. I'd be curious to read some of your "never before's". 'Til then keep looking up. NEVER BEFORE has His return been as close as it is THIS MOMENT.
Maranatha! Even so come, Lord Jesus!


  1. Never before...
    Have I had so much FUN IN OTTAWA as I did this yesterday with my family...
    Will write again later...

  2. Okay, I have a little more time now...
    We saw 140 Sens flags, 3 Fisher t-shirts, 1 Heatley t-shirt, 5 Sens jerseys, a Sens Army van, 2 cars with decals, and a security officer with a Sens tie pin in Parliament...all while we spent the day touring Ottawa -oh, and we finished off at Kelsey's of course! Now, after 5+trips to Ottawa in 7 years, we realize that we lack 2 things: a real map of Ottawa and outerlying areas (not just the tourist book), and a guide to radio stations so my parents can turn on some classical music in the van. By the way, what do you listen to in Ottawa? My personal favorite is the Team 1200 when the subject and conversation is appropriate, but my parents would flip if I asked them to turn it on!

    Now for my comment on your Never Before list:
    Regarding #4: Please elaborate on what the Pentecostal preacher said...I found it a little funny that there would be one at a Brethren church. My family attended Pentecostal churches for a few years when I was little, and we had some friends who were brethren, so I know a little about their differences! Yes, I like the idea of being a little p and b, it is I just call myself a Bible-believing Evangelical Christian.

    Regarding #6: My sister agrees. My Hebrews 11:1 followed by Romans 8:25 and then Matthew get the picture! <><

    Regarding #7: Don't close the PC Bible or put away your hardcover Bible yet! Read Isaiah 26:3; Psalm 119:165a; John 14:27. :)

    Have a blessed day in the Lord!

    The Little Pilgrim Pal (who is patiently waiting for someone else to write in a Never Again list, too!)

  3. Never before would I have thunk that I would talk to and get to know so many fine people here!

    Never before would I see myself writting to my fave,authors and hav e them write back! very cool,

    and ya know what would bee even cooler, to get a signed M Fisher jersey for a bday present .

  4. jel, let me know if you get your wish...I'll stand next in line even if my birthday is past, but I don't want one signed, because I want to WEAR it AROUND MY NEIGHBORHOOD. (laughing)What do I want one for, seriously?! I have a jersy from a friend who's a pretty good hockey player, and I haven't worn it in 2 seasons!