Monday, May 21, 2007

Trucks, Rednecks, Funerals & Blessed Assurance

For a little taste of the unusual, please click on the following link. I'm not sure what your reaction will be but check it out and see. Without giving away who is giving a eulogy at a funeral, let me say that this man is a believer, a born-again Christian. That's all I'll say.

Go ahead, CLICK! (After you get to the video screen, click on the arrow at the bottom left)

Note: The man who posted this link on his blog is likely the complete opposite of a redneck. Even though we've never met, Tim Challies and I are taking our boys to a Blue Jays' game in June. Check out his incredible blog at: I don't think Tim is a redneck but I'll let you know later.


  1. WOW!! I didn't know that Jeff Foxworthy is a born again Christian!! That takes me completly by surprise. Kind of like when Hebrews 11:1 told me that Mike Fisher was a Christian.

  2. Okay, I just have to put a fotnote to my sis's comment that she listens to the Foxworthy Country countdown every Saturday evening without fail. She drives me crazy humming country songs all day long, and then I catch myself humming who knows what!

  3. Deaer David...I finally got a chance to listen to this.
    It is funny and at the same time a little sad.
    I went to Mr. Foxworthy's site to read about him.
    I never knew he was the guy that hosted. "Are You Smarter than a Fifth Grader".
    Never knew and yet I really like the guy and the program!

    Well good night and take care Pilgrim Pal David Fisher...from Terry, PP

  4. Definitely the end caught me by surprise. Gotta love a funeral where people can laugh and smile. It should be easy for us when we know that someone has that blessed assurance.

    Of course, the flip side is that we need to remember that the majority of people we come across do not have blessed assurance and it's our duty to share with them the way of salvation.

    Very cool video, though.