Saturday, May 19, 2007

Buffalo Bows Out

Well the Senators did it again. They won their third playoff series 4 games to 1 by defeating the Buffalo Sabres this afternoon 3-2 in overtime. Whew! That one was nerve wracking!

I couldn't bear to watch it! The grass needed cutting badly so I got faithful John Deere out and cut an acre of grass. Carol came out pumping her fist in the air so I knew something good had happened! After the game Carol came out and helped with the yard work.

Now I can relax! I see that our Pilgrim Pals are getting caught up in this Senators/Mike Fisher excitement so much that Hebrews 11:1, Terry and jel all had comments for me after the Ottawa win. Thanks, my friends!

I bet Saija's husband Leo was watching too! He has become a real Mike Fisher fan. No wonder!

This morning we had a garage sale at my mom's place (pictured). One of my brothers, my sister, mom and a friend from the church, Ron Goodson, all had "stuff" they were trying to sell. We sold quite a bit of our "stuff" and took the rest to Value Village afterwards. It was a lot of fun. The topic of conversation at the sale was the Ottawa Senators and Mike Fisher. One of our Pilgrim Pals, Julie from Sweet Inspirations, came by and bought a few things! Thanks, Julie, Andy and Madeline!

Well, the grass is cut and my arthritis and bursitis are kicking in so I better lay down for awhile. I'll have to call my two constant companions Arthur and Bertha. They're quite the couple...a real pain!

Have a great Lord's day, dear friends!

Your Pilgrim Pal, David

Note: Daniel Alfredsson scored the winning goal. (see picture) That puck sure looks great in that net doesn't it!


  1. I couldn't watch the game, either...every time I tried to watch, Buffalo scored. So, I did what any good Canadian would do...I vacated the room, listened to some preaching cd's...and waited until the game was over!!!

    Go Sens Go! Bring the Cup home to Canada!

  2. What a great game, a real nail-biter! Looks like the cup might be coming home!! Woot woot!

  3. Three hours after the game finished and Kanata is STILL going crazy!! Horns are honking and people are still yelling and celebrating!
    I had to work until 6 tonight so I wasn't home to watch the game, but my plan was to tape it and watch it when I got home. I made sure the radio was off and steared clear of the TV in the lounge(and the place was dead- everyone was at home watching!)just to have my boss come running up to me just as I was about to leave to tell me the news!! Ah well, at least it was FANTASTIC news right?!? I'll sit down later tonight to catch some of the highlights.
    GO SENS GO....and Go "Little Fish" Go!! (This must be an exciting time for the Fisher family!).


  4. yes, leo was watching & enjoying! as soon as i got home from work (my last long weekend at the salt mines in the park), he let me know that the Sens won!

    go sens go!

    the last time i remember being so excited about a series myself, was when Bobby Orr was playing ... :o)

    tell mike your blogging buds are praying for him ...

  5. Hey ...tell me about it Pilgrim!!
    Here I am not liking hockey for years ever since they added all those teams..
    And here I am cheering for a team that isn't even an original six....just because of YOU David Fisher and your nephew!!

    I wonder what the Brodie is thinking about this.
    Is he a Sabres fan?

    Everytime that Bernie heard "Fisher" mentioned in the game, he went all crazy!!
    Shopper wondered what in tarnation was going on with his usually mild mannered buddy!

    Have a blessed Sunday...from Pilgrim Pal Terry

  6. I'm not a fan of hockey, or my husband but , we were hooked yesterday! I all most fell out of my chair at one point! :)

    I was a very good game, just wish we could have seen the last part of it!

    please Tell Little Fish (Mike) way to go

  7. Okay, here I am with a little more time to comment...
    We were just blessed with some money which we are going to use to go to OTTAWA soon, and we are just so excited now! My siblings and I can't stop talking about it. The Team 1200 in Ottawa had their post-game show till 9 last night, and I got to listen to the last 20 minutes of the show(and then they replayed the entire game, but I didn't listen)...I didn't want to go to sleep, it was just too good to be true.
    Mrs. Shirkie doesn't know that my dad called me upstairs while I wrote the comment here last evening, so I wrote, "Gotta go", thinking he needed me for awhile. Turns out, he just had a simple question, so I ran back down here after I answered him. Then we went to Mike's Ottawa Senators through your link here, and THEN we went to her blog to comment. As for her, I hope that Lake Erie does not overflow too much, because it might flood Welland, all the way to Lake Ontario, and then we'll watch for her to come up the St. Lawrence Seaway from the Mercier Bridge...just holler, and we'll drop a rope and bring her and Mr. Shirkie to our house for a warm cup of Tim Hortons coffee to dry siblings are laughing now, I hope that it sounds funny, not mean or anything...c'mon, it is Sunday!

    The Little Pilgrim Pal who is praying so hard for Ottawa to win the Cup this year

  8. It all sounds so good Hebrews 11:1, but sorry we would have to decline the Tim Horton's coffee,
    Don't you have any Macdonalds' in Montreal, Quebec?...from Pigrim Pal, Terry

  9. Yes we have a Macdonalds up the street from us. We can get your coffee from there.

    Three cheers for Ottawa!!!
    Go! Fish (and Sens) go!!

    Still crying (and laughing),
    Sniff,sniff ;D

  10. O Little Montreal Pilgrim Girl...I will surely try my best to float up the St. Lawerance Seaway staight to your house to enjoy a nice hot cup of Macdonalds' senior coffee...Black!...
    Although with ALL the crying YOU are doing lassie, it just might be you that is floating DOWN the St Lawerance Seaway to Welland!!!Ha!!
    Maybe we should just meet half way and go to our boss's for a cup of Tim Horton's[He would refuse to serve any other!]and maybe borrow a book or two from him and settle down and get us some good reading in, eh?.......Love Terry, Pilgrim Pal