Thursday, May 24, 2007

Digging For Gold in the Devotionals

There's a shelf on my bookcase, behind my desk, that is devoted to devotionals (pun not intended). Sometimes I read a particular day's entry in several of those books and often I find a nugget or gem that really addresses my need on that day.

This morning I opened John Calvin's HEART AFLAME, Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms. Often I find Calvin too verbose but one of the opening sentences in today's reading was simple enough for this uneducated pilgrim to grasp.

He writes, "God never disappoints His servants, but crowns with everlasting happiness the struggles and distresses which may have exercised their faith."

The Psalm Calvin is commenting on is the 61st, a psalm of David. He begins by quoting verse 5: "For Thou, O God, hast heard my vows: Thou hast given me the heritage of those that fear Thy name."

Regarding that "heritage" he writes, "But inheritance suggests that the people of God enjoy a species of prosperity more solid and enduring; their momentary and short-lived troubles having only the effect of promoting their eternal welfare. He praises God that those who fear His name are not left to the poor privilege of rejoicing for a few days, but secured in a permanent heritage of happiness."

What a heritage and inheritance we, as Christ-followers, have! We should, like David, determine to "Sing praises unto Thy name for ever, that I may daily perform my vows." - vs. 8

HEART AFLAME, Daily Readings from Calvin on the Psalms, published by Presbyterian & Reformed Publishing, copyright 1999.


  1. Dear David...You are such a faithful man!
    I am so guilty of having some good day to day devotional books and ignoring them.

    I really loved "Streams In The Dessert" and you know the "Good Seed Book" that comes out every year?
    Well I am good for a while at reading it but then lo and behold, I look and I find that I am days behind!!

    You not only own so many good books, you take the time to read them and then you give us the good of it!

    Thanks David!
    This certainly is a GOOD one!!

    You know, we truly ARE rich and sometimes I think we do not really realize it and sometimes I think we don't really appreciate it!..From Pilgrim Pal Terry

  2. Well, I must admit that I often think of Pilgrim Scribblings as my devotional reading...I mean I read the Bible every morning, and study it a lot, but I've never been one to read a devotional every day. I actually was just thinking of that yesterday as I realized how much I missed being on here...I usually check in few times a day, and the past 3 days I've been on only 4 times!
    Okay, I've got to run now and catch up everywhere else.
    May God bless yu richly, Mr. Fisher, and your readers!

    The little Pilgrim Pal Hebrews 11:1

  3. Hey Little Pilgrim
    You are right!!
    I check out Pilgrim Scribblings a few times a day, so you know what?
    I am not as bad as I thought I was!!
    In FACT I have a quite a few more devotionla books that I daily read..Saija, Sabine, Glenys, Mrs Mac, Pilot-mom, Pat. Sioux, Susan Walker, Felisol, Noel, Lauren-mary etc. etc. etc. !!!
    And you know what Hebrews 11:1?
    I follow YOU around the blog world and read your comments, even though you and the little Montreal girl don't have your own blog!!

    Bye for now!!!...From Pilgrim Pal Terry

    Shucks! I even check out on Brodie and Julie!!
    I am telling you little buddy...It is a full time job!!

  4. Mrs. Shirkie,
    You made us LAUGH this morning!! We follow you around too. We read your blog AND your comments elsewhere.
    From laughing PP's
    Hebrews 11:1