Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hockey Heaven ???

The front page of the Ottawa Sun today tells us that the Senators' victory over Buffalo yesterday "blasted them to Hockey Heaven". I'm not so sure of that but hockey is the national religion here in Canada, unfortunately, and the Ottawa fans sure idolize their Sens.

If the headline means that the Senators have gone to a place they've never been before then I can understand that. They've never been to the Stanley Cup Finals. This is uncharted territory.

Heaven! I've never been there but I'm going someday. Based on what Jesus Christ did for me at Calvary, I'm going. I've never been there but based on what the Bible tells me, it's going to be a wonderful place...not because of the pearly gates, the streets of gold and the jasper walls but because JESUS will be there in all His glory. Jesus is the One I want to see!

Are you on your journey to heaven? Hope it's not a "hope so" for you. If you're only hoping then you better get things settled with God. He gives us "blessed assurance" when we trust Him and rest in His finished work at Calvary. Then it becomes a "know so" certainty!

I trust that I will see you there!


  1. It WILL be nice David that all of us surley will meet the Pilgrim Connection Pals in Heaven along with all of the others who are saved!
    Oh what a day that will be when we will be there with our Lord!!!
    The price?
    Paid in full by Jesus's dying for us on the cross!!...from Terry

  2. Amen, Mrs. Shirkie and Mr. Fisher! What a glorious day that will be indeed when we meet our Saviour...and our Pilgrim Pals!

    Mr. Fisher, Great post as usual. I dislike it so much when the media misuses phrases and catch words like Heaven in the wrong sense. My least favorite that they always use is "the (hockey/soccer/football/whatever sport) gods"...that gets me so much. I think, "Oh, you guys know better! There is only ONE God,and it is He who has it all under control."

    May the Lord bless you all richly in Christ Jesus,
    The Little Pilgrim Pal

  3. I agree with you little Pigrim Pal Hebrews 11:1.
    I have always disliked it when they call a book. "The Bible For Golfing"..'Complete Bible of Antique Collecting"..etc. etc. etc.
    To me the word Bible has always meant the "Word of God"...
    Blessing from Terry PP