Saturday, May 05, 2007

Saturday Scribblings

Sixteen Saturday Selections...

It's a sunny Saturday here in rural Cavan, Ontario. I'm in too much pain to do much other than write about what I enjoy doing on Saturdays. Here are sixteen (16) things that make Saturdays special (well, today at least):

  1. Sleeping in

  2. Seeking out good garage sales

  3. Sitting quietly in my adirondack chair down by the creek

  4. Stating that the Senators better win the game against New Jersey tonight

  5. Saying "hi" to Syd Birrell when he dropped off his son Ben at our play with the boys

  6. Scooting down to Port Hope to see a doctor about my sciatica which is driving me crazy

  7. Sadly thinking back on the Raptors' exit from the playoffs last night

  8. Searching the scriptures for some meat to fit around the skeleton outline I have for Sunday morning's communion devotional at Auburn Bible Chapel

  9. Seeing what Tim Challies posted on his blog today

  10. Sitting on John Deere and cutting the grass, hoping that the vibrations will massage my sciatica and not irritate it

  11. Savoring my Tim Horton's coffee that I bought in Port Hope

  12. Sorrowing over Buffalo's come-from-behind win over the Rangers last night

  13. Seeing the excitement in my sons' faces when they caught a little fish in the creek

  14. Stewing over the fact that the Blue Jays are losing more than they're winning

  15. Standing up and feeling no pain...hopefully

  16. Starting to see the buds coming out on the apple trees in the back yard
There you have it, my friends. This is what's happening today in my part of the world.

Enjoy your Saturday and prepare your heart to worship the Lord tomorrow!


  1. There really are very few things that are more relaxing than a cup of Tim Horton's coffee on a lazy Saturday afternoon.
    And now you can celebrate the fact that #4 came true! I am only JUST getting my voice back from Wednesday's game, but it was worth it! I was cheering extra-loudly for "Little Fish" right before his goal, so I would like to think I deserve some of the credit for it- haha!
    Enjoy the rest of your Saturday (I hope you feel better soon), and have a blessed Lord's Day!


  2. But how come you are in such pain David?
    I hope that you will be feeling better.
    I think when I get back from meeting today , I will bother you again and just use your comment page to tell you 16 things that I enjoy doing on Saturday.
    Saturdays are all together different for me now that I am not working them!..From Terry

  3. 1. How I would love to sleep in David, but no that Bernie has to get up and go tp Macdonalds for his coffee and burned English muffin, EARLY!!

    2. I just love going to Macdonald's for a coffee on Saturday morning.

    3. I love to meet the elderly citizens of Welland at Macdonalds and Bernie and I both love to listen to them as they tell us about the "olden days".
    And sometimes they will listen to US if we tell them about the Lord!
    THIS I truly love!

    4.I love to read all the sales papers that we bring with us from home, especially Future Shop, Best Buy and Sobeys.

    5. I love to do the cryptogram puzzel that is only in on Saturdays in the Toronto Star.

    6.I like it when Betty's husband, John comes to have coffee with us at the Macs on Saturday morning.
    We always save him his favorite part of the paper, The Comics!

    7. I always talk a few people into letting me take their pictures and then the next week, I will have made them some.

    8. I loved it this Saturday to be driving in Welland and seeing the dandelions finally popping their yellow heads out of the cold ground!

    9. Going to the dollar store to see what trouble we can be getting into.
    Buying a pair of reading glasses EVERY time!!

    10. Going home and checklng on my blogging friends!

    11. Writing my blogging friends.

    12. Putting off writing a posting.
    It takes so long sometimes!
    And I am a tad lazy!

    13. Working on Grampa Yade's CDs and printng out the covers and CD labels.

    14.Checking on my blogging friends!

    15. Making a giant fruit salad for the Spanish Christians who have special meetings Sunday afternoon in their Spanish Gospel outreach.

    16.Visitng my blogging friends and trying to tell each one of them to have a blessed Lord's Day!

  4. Nice lists!
    Mr. Fisher-- I pray you feel better! Even as young as I am in my early-twenties, I have still had some pretty painful days in my life. Now, as often as I remember, I thank God that I don't have any pain (when applicable), and that I have life and breath. I almost lost the latter in an allergic reaction, and it was then that I realized how precious life really is.