Thursday, May 31, 2007


Anybody want to go Duck hunting with me today?

Still trusting...

Uncle David

Note: My OttawaSenators lost to the Anaheim Ducks last night 1-0 and now trail 2-0 in the Stanley Cup Final. OUCH! Go get 'em Mike!


  1. I for sure would join you after last night's game! I think coming home to Ottawa will spark some new life though......I hope!

  2. "What hurts the most is being so close..." as the country song says.

    I'm glad I didn't watch the game, because I would've felt like grabbing my ol' faithful stick and jumping on that ice-- every game I've watched that my favorite team has lost I've felt that way. Somehow all day I just knew they were going to lose, and the day was so nerve-wracking, I was glad to finally fall asleep during the 3rd. Until the goal, of course, and then I was awake until the buzzer sounded to end the game. I came up with a theory that it must be my sister's friend praying for HIS Aneheim Ducks...if I could get a hold of him I'd call him and ask him to please pray for the Sens, even if they did beat HIS Sabres...

    Hope you have a blessed day in the Lord. I feel better after now venting myself...

    the lil pilgrim pal who's trying to hold on to child-like faith

  3. Oh David...I would NEVER go duck hunting!
    Grampa Yade does and I feel so bad about the whole thing!
    I can't even kill a flea!
    Whenever a hornet makes its way into the house that Bernie catches it with a glass and a piece of paper and puts it back outside where it surely belongs!
    My mom used to call me Albert Schweitzer who was one of my childhood heros.

    It is so funny!
    When I went to our 40th Rivers, Manitoba Shool Reunion last year, most people were remembered by their sports feats or the the "brains" they had but what they remembered about Teresa Anne Golden is the time that she tore into some kids who were stomping on ants!
    Forty years later and THAT is what they remembered.
    They forgot that I beat every grade 11 girl in the school in running!!

    Now if you wonder if I want to hit one of those "Ducks" with a hockey stick, well I would join you in that but we had better refrain ourselves Pigrim David and Hebrews11:1, because we would not want them ducks to have a triple power play!!!
    THAT would not be a pretty sight!!!
    And if that Darc joins in why that would be even more of NOT a pretty sight!......Quack! Quack! Quack! Quack!!....From Pilgrim Pal Terry

  4. Duck hunting sounds like fun!! How about Neidermayer hunting too. They are NASTY those boys!!! I cringe when I hear their names!
    I was so nervous last night. I tried to read my book on Canadian politics but I couldn't concentrate on the book. Then I tried to do a Suduko and finished it in 15 minutes!(With 4 mistakes, minor details)
    Oh and chewing on pucks DEFINITELY helps!

    Be red !
    Go Sens go!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I saw 4 sens flags around our town today.
    If "HIS" Ducks end up beating "MY" Senators, well, I'll cry for the Sens but... I'd like to see Robbie Neidermayer win a Cup. Just not this year. He can wait a few years. ;)