Monday, July 09, 2007

Who Is This Man?

I love these pictures of preachers sitting beside a bookshelf with an open Bible.

Can anybody out there tell me who this man is?

Note: I already know but I'm curious to see if anyone else recognizes him.

Send me your comments...and guesses.



  1. I clicked on the photo to get a better look so I could have a guess and his name came up as the title to the webpage. Oops. :)

  2. Rodney:

    If there was a prize, you would have received it.

    Have you ever heard of this man before?

    I heard him preach once.

    Have a great day, down under.


  3. I too happened to find out his name "by accident"! I could have looked like I knew what I was talking about, but since I've never heard of him before, it wouldn't have been right to do that!

  4. I find David, that the elderly preachers all look alike when they get to a certain age!
    I know it isn't him but this beaming Christian man reminds of Mr. Harold Paisley..
    From Terry

  5. Who is Mr. Harold Paisley , David ?

  6. Harold Paisley?

    We wears a paisley-patterned tie and has a troup of angels that sing "glory to the newborn king".


  7. Seriously, my friends, Harold Paisley is a preacher among the brethren assemblies.

    There are various branches of so-called brethren. There are "open" brethren and "closed" brethren (sometimes called "tight" brethren).

    Harold Paisley moved in the "closed" brethren circles. I have heard him preach in Peterborough and he is an excellent expositor of scripture.

    His brother Ian is a Free Presbyterian minister in Northern Ireland and a politician as well.

    A little history lesson...


    1. Look up J.N. Darby, William Kelly and C.H. Mackintosh. Those three men were good men. Through the word of God, they realized that the churches around were not functioning in accordance with God's pattern for a New Testament church. They gathered to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.
      All three have written some excellent books.

  8. Thank you for the history lesson...I was wondering when I was going to start learning about the Brethren on here :) When I ws little we knew a Brethren family, but I think my mom said they were very liberal...whatever. In any case, I don't know half as much about them as I do about Mennonites, which I believe are simliar.

    Curious Lil Pilgrim Pal

  9. I don't know 'lil pilgrim...I don't think they are very liberal.
    As a teenager I kind of wished they were sometimes, but now that I am older, I appreciate what I learned from them.

    David, one time when Mr. Paisley was here for ministry meetings, Bernie and I asked him over for lunch.
    He said, 'Yes dear sister but I will tell you exactly what I want.
    I would like a nice dish of fresh fruit with a scoop of ice cream on it and real cream to put over it and a cup of tea."
    Well that is exactly what I made and when he saw it on the table, he said to me;
    "Dear you have done exactly as you were bidden to do! Thank you!"

    And after dinner, he treated Bernie and I to a piano recital!
    Ha!! He was one good preacher, but as for the piano, David it was NOT a pretty sound!

    He is such a dear man though.

    David, I never liked it when people in the brethren talked like that... "loose" or "tight".
    I guess people would refer to Welland as tight.
    One time when we went to a "loose" brethren to a funeral and afterwards the sisters served the lunch, one of the tight brothers said, "Oh look at the makeup on that one!"
    Well it made me right mad!
    I said, "Well look at you now. Here you are enjoying the good food that she so kindly is serving you and you say that!
    You ought to be ashamed of yourself!"
    You see Passing-thru...I am not as nice as you think I am!!

    Sorry for being so long winded!! from Terry

  10. Friends:

    If you would like a history lesson on the "brethren" with a small "b", I'd be glad to give you one.

    Harold Paisley is a godly man who I only heard preach once.

    I have friends who knew him well and they all spoke highly of him. Perhaps, as Terry has commented, he wasn't the best piano player but he could sure preach.

    As for the brethren being "liberal", that'a a label we never received as far as I know. Perhaps some "open" assemblies could be classified as being too progressive and some "closed" assemblies could be said to be too "legalistic".

    Enough said! I'm grateful for my upbringing in the "open" brethren and you can tell from Terry's post that she is very well grounded in the truths of scripture, thanks to her upbringing in a more "tight" assembly (by her own admission).

    Whew! And I didn't even touch on the history.


    A Christian pilgrim, not a brethren pilgrim,


  11. Did I start something I didn't mean to? I meant just that family was "liberal", not the brethren in general. I think one of our Christian bookstores is owned by a very nice brethren couple. They have the best selection of tracts and booklets of all the local stores, and they always give us such a good deal on our purchases. They are certainly VERY different from the Brethren family I knew when I was little.

    Sorry if I caused any problems here!

    Lil Pilgrim Pal

  12. Mr. Fisher I plead ignorance. Do tell...who is this lovely man of God?

  13. Yes David Fisher, if YOU don't tell us who this nice gentleman preacher is, we will have to go and ask Rodney or Julie!!
    Good question Susan, ny Kindred spirit!!!.From Terry

  14. I know the name "Brethren" is usually used as a label for Chistians who gather soley to the name of our Lord Jesus Christ (Matt.18:20) but they prefer not to use labels for a couple of reasons.
    #1 - "But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ; and all ye are brethren. Matt. 23:8 (we no matter what persuasion or denomination etc. if we belong to Christ share this title as equal family members in the common faith).
    #2. Taking on secondary names (apart from the Lord's) shows the factions and divisions which the Lord never intended (1 Cor. 1:12,13)
    i understand the term "the Brethren" and why it's implied in order to identify a certain group of believer's but am just mentioning this to avoid the potential to cause offense (Eph. 4:15). If you haven't had an opportunity to hear Harold minister the word of God, I would highly recommend that before the Lord comes, or Harold is called home, please endevour to hear him will not be left unaffected...he's "a vessel fit for the master's use" 2 Timothy 2:21

    Here's a typical nuggett from brother Paisley (by which I am privilaged to be a part of the fellowship which he belongs in).

    Sweet and Bitter - by Harold Paisley

    "A ministry exalting the glorious Person of Christ is always precious. The Spirit of God delights to dwell upon the excellencies of the Son of God. It is His divine mission to glorify the Lord Jesus. Details of the moral beauties of Christ when He was bearing the indignities placed upon Him by men are of infinite value to all who are redeemed. Some of the sweet incense, used in the tabernacle service, was to be beaten small, and stored within the veil. This teaches the inexhaustible preciousness of the Person of Christ. There was always a reserve of fragrance. This meditation presents the sweetness of Christ in the hour of His bitterest grief.

    Most of the Lord's people know and appreciate that Christ was offered vinegar on two occasions at Calvary. I believe there were three distinct occasions when the vinegar was offered. Let the reader ponder carefully the following Scriptures: Matthew 27:33, 34; Mark 15:22, 23; Luke 23:36; Matthew 27:48; Mark 15:36; John 19:28-30. On the arrival of the Lord at Calvary, "They gave Him vinegar to drink mingled with gall" (Matt. 27:34), shortly before His crucifixion. Then, when He was on the cross, before the darkness of the sixth hour, the soldiers offered Him vinegar to drink (Luke 23:36). Lastly, after the darkness was past and shortly before He dismissed His Spirit, again they offered Him vinegar (Matt. 27:48). The Lord Jesus refused the first draught, did not taste the second, but received the last offer of the vinegar from the sponge.

    The vinegar mentioned in these passages was a sour wine given to the Roman soldiers for their refreshment in the heat of the day. This bitter drink was offered to the Lord on these three occasions. The first could be called the cup of mercy, the second, the cup of mockery and the third, the cup of majesty.

    The Lord Jesus refused the wine mingled with myrrh that was offered to Him just before He was crucified. This drink, which was a painkiller, was offered in mercy by the mothers of Salem. Christ entered the conflict of Golgotha apart from any opiate to alleviate His distress.

    The high priest of Israel was to approach God in the sanctuary with reverence and holiness. He must never come to God with wine or strong drink. Our Lord Jesus was approaching God to make the atonement for human guilt. In the refusal of the merciful cup we behold His priestly glories. We know from the epistle to the Hebrews that our blessed Lord was not a priest on earth (7:14). His official priesthood commenced upon His ascension to the right hand of God (5:5). However, we believe that the offering of Himself was a priestly act (1:3). It was in His priestly character that He refused the vinegar mingled with gall, although the first part of Psalm 69:21 was fulfilled, "They gave Me also gall for My meat."

    After He was lifted up on the cross, a series of bitter mockeries commenced, in which the scribes, the thieves and the soldiers joined. The cruel crown of thorns suggested the coronation of a king, and the tree was a mockery of a royal throne. To mock His kingly glories a soldier poured wine into a cup and raised it as a toast to the good health of His majesty. It was the mockery of a cup of coronation. Our Lord Jesus will one day enter into His official glories as the universal King. In that day He will drink the fruit of the vine in the joy of His kingdom, but on the tree on this day, He refused the sour wine of scorn.

    About the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, "Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani." The throng at Calvary said that He called for Elias. One of the soldiers ran and filled a sponge with vinegar and gave Him to drink. It was a merciful act, on the part of this Roman, to share his ration with the Saviour. The sponge was used by the soldier to wipe their blood-stained hands and the instruments of death. They had brought the vessel full of vinegar with the hyssop to quench their own thirst. However, God had arranged that these things would be there so that His Word would be fulfilled.

    "After this, Jesus, knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scripture might be fulfilled, saith, I thirst" (John 19:28). Here we see the Lord in His glories as the great Prophet and the Fulfiller of prophecy. The words of Psalm 69:21 must be fulfilled; not one word of the prophetic revelation can fall to the ground. "In my thirst they gave Me vinegar to drink." In the giving of the vinegar which the Lord received we perceive the mercy of the soldier and the majesty of the Lord.

    In the three drinks presented to the Lord at Calvary we see the greatness of the Priest, the grandeur of the King and the glory of the
    Prophet." - Harold Paisley

  15. Hi, am looking for a good jpeg pic of Harold Paisley's Prophetic Wall Chart on the 'Revelation'please forward to

    I had the pleasure of recording his series on Revelation at Conference hall brisbane 1985

    Thanks heaps, Des in Sunny Queensland Down Under.

  16. Harold Paisley impacted my life as a child more than any other person. He is still, many years later, my model of a godly man. Although I no longer fellowship with the Plymouth Brethren, what he taught will remain with me forever.


  17. I heard the Gospel message for the first time when I was 14 and my friend took me to hear Harold Paisley at a Brethren conference at Seneca College in Toronto in the late 70's. As Harold finished in prayer I accepted the Lord as my Saviour! I always give thanks for that day.
    ~ Jill

  18. I had the esteemed privilege of speaking with Mr. Paisley in California back in 1998. He is a very dear brother in the Lord.

    He has written a few books; most recently This Jesus available from I am about half way through and it is excellent. Buy it, read it and enjoy it.

    -Brent R
    Calgary, AB Canada

    -Brent Rawlings

  19. Yes I knew him well. -- When I was a young girl he came to the US and was at my grandfather Oliver Smith's house in Waterloo, Iowa and I had the great privilege of meeting his family. I loved going to the conferences and hearing his great preaching. He and my grandfather had many meetings together and saw some great work done.


  20. This man could really preach the gospel.

  21. He was preaching when I first heard Christ, Jan. 3, 1971. Gospel hall brethren, San Diego, CA

  22. I first heard Harold S Paisley proclaim Jesus Christ as the only savior of sinners in a tent in Waterloo,IA in 1967. He was a Christ centered teacher who commanded our attention whether giving his conversion, his gathering to the Lord's name alone--Rise my soul behold tis Jesus, leading verse by verse Bible studies at conferences, teaching from Daniel, David's Psalms, writing on the authors of hymns... Nothing he said was speculation. All was researched beforehand. We have lost a great man this past week. We are accountable for what we have failed to follow from the Scriptures.