Thursday, July 19, 2007


My good friend and Pilgrim Pal, Susan Bunts, always has thought provoking posts at Susan's Blog. This one is particularly good! The photo was taken from her sight as well. Read it and confess that this is all too true!

She writes:

Dear Dissension:

It is with great eagerness that I commend you,
For your effective division,
Of the body of Christ.

As you know,
It is my deepest desire to see,
Those once on fire for Christ no longer a threat to my kingdom of darkness.

Good work…job well done
Your methods ever so clever,
Stealth…undetected…quite easily they follow your lead.

An effective mix,
Of genuine issues blended with personal opinion,
Lead them down the primrose path and soon we’ll see a critical spirit in full bloom.

Tread lightly,
Careful you must be…so as not to alert them,
Of our true mission to bring dishonor to their King.

May they not see their transgression,
Nor be repentant…and seek forgiveness of their sin,
Press onward…what’s a little gossip and slander…when carefully hidden as constructive criticism.

Dissension…be sure to blind them,
Veil their eyes, so they may not see,
May they not grow stronger by the reading God’s Word.

May they forget about prayer,
Or battling this war upon on their knees,
Calling upon their God will only bring our much hated foe…to battle by their side.

Throw out the bait,
Hook them with dissatisfaction,
Reel them in with discontent.

Divide them, conquer them,
Big or small, young or old…it matters not,
Use music, or style or even their precious translations to divide.

May they not be like their God,
Who looks upon the heart,
Instead may they only dwell upon that which their flesh can see and hear.

Divide them,
Scatter them,
Send them to the four winds.

My deepest desire,
To see that beacon…that bright and shining light upon the hill,
Extinguished…so I can take countless more souls to hell!

Insincerely yours
…the enemy of their souls!


  1. Dearest David,

    Thank you so much. Like many other Christians I am concerned and at times grieved over the state of the church today.

    I would be ever so grateful for your and other's prayers for Kindred. It has been almost two years since our own beloved Pastor Chuck finished strong. We look forward with eagerness to find the man who God has called to be our new Sr. Pastor.

    Lord bless...Susan

  2. Great post - thx David for posting this and thx Susan for putting this on your site

    so true this stuff ---

  3. WOW, that's good stuff...eye-opening...Onward Christian soldiers!

    Lil Pilgrim Pal

  4. Yes it is heb 11:1 --- I guess if we could "see" the endless stream of people pouring into hell , awaiting the judgement and lake of fire it would "move" us to pray more and be more available to God to work in us ---- I know that lately that "we" don't hear much on hell preaching -- not that the Christian needs to hear it as much as we need to be aware that is where the unredeemed go -- hard to understand but it's God's Word

  5. Iread this yesterday over at her site. It is excellent, isn't it? Our unity is one thing which should cause us to stand out to the unbelievers. So often that isn't the case.

  6. Your right Claire --- the only threat the devil has is from the Church - the devil loves going to church with nominal christians, religion does not scare him in the least but born-again ! Now thats a problem and ANY chisms or splits , thats what he wants -- I know a church years ago in Springfield Mass. that split over the china ware that was going to be used for a social -- tell me the devil wasn't at that fellowship !

    by the way -- WELCOME BACK

  7. There was an incredible testimony that a believer we walk with shared with us one day at our meeting. He found it on the web, and it was about a former Satanist who, as a baby was dedicated to Satan. As a man, he would send his spirit (demon) into churches and divide them, or interrupt prayer. He said that wherever Chrsitians were gathered, there demons gather to try to bring them away from God. Well, there was this one church he kept goign to, and it was very divided. One Sunday, I forgot exactly how it went, but suddenly the members began to unite aagin and put aside their differences. They all began praying, and they prayed so hard that the Satanist fell down into their midst in body form! He ended up accepting Christ, an now he warns others of the very real power that we war against. But we have victory through Christ, because He has overcome, Amen?!

    Lil Pilgrim Pal

  8. Yes - amen heb ---

    If U entertain missionaries , U get to hear all sorts of amazing stories like this -- here in America we are too cultured or so blind as to not see real evil - I have heard some missionaries tell amazing things and yet many of what they say , they would not repeat to conferences in District Meetings as it may shock or maybe not even be believed -- SO - I GUESS HELL ISN'T REAL AFTER ALL OR THE LAKE OF FIRE -- I guess Daniel or the 3 Hebrews didn't walk in a fiery furnace or have the Son of Man walking in the midst of them --Yes - this subject of demons dividing the believers is a good one and the WORD says to ARM ourselves with HIS SPIRIT

  9. AMEN, Passig-thru...this is why it is SO important to have on the FULL armor of God.