Sunday, July 08, 2007

Pilgrim Poet

Last night (and this morning) I lay awake, battling a migraine and meditating on the King of Glory.

Here are a few scattered lines that came to mind. I trust they will encourage you this Lord's Day.

Holy Spirit, Breath of God
Ignite my cold, hard heart;
O may the things that charm me most
Be subject to Thee, Heav’nly Host
Give me a burden for the lost
Thy Holy Flame impart.

Holy Spirit, Teacher, Guide
Remove the scales I pray;
O may I more of Jesus see
Be willing Lord to bend the knee
Remove the chains and set me free
Thy will be done today.

Holy Spirit, Fire of God
Convicting me of sin;
O may the coals that dormant lay
Be fanned to flame to show the way
Open my ears to hear Thee say
“The battle’s mine, WE WIN!”

- David W. Fisher, July 8th, 2007



    will be praying and continue to pray and trust and hope and believe and GRASP and BIND and do as Jacob did with the Angel -

    Lord deliver me from this burden of the home - open the windows U say are there - or make it clear what direction U have for us - or bring us the peace of going down new roads with U ---
    at any event - "WE ARE FOLLOWING U and are YOUR CHILDREN"

  2. Dear Mr. Pilgrim Fisher,
    Today is Juli 9th in Norway, and I have information from reliable sources that this is your birthday # 62.
    Congratulations and hopefully a day free from migraine.

  3. hope you are feeling better,
    migraine's are no fun, they can be a pain ;)

    here's to a pain free day

    i would sing happy birthday to ya,
    but it wouldn't help the head. ;(