Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Time Off

After my visit in Pittsburgh last Tuesday, Gabe & Kelly Gross (Milwaukee Brewers) decided they needed a few days off. Here are my friends back home in Alabama.


  1. thats a nice testimony -- of "friends" taking the time to send u pictures of them --- there is no doubt about U being a "friend" more importantly - your a "friend" that SHARES CHRIST -

  2. Davisd Fisher...You have so many godly friends!

    You should have kept these guys in Ontario for a few days.
    Don't they have enough sunshine to give Gabe a nice sun tan?
    This is NOT pretty sight!!
    From Terry

  3. LOL - TERRY -- INSULTING DAVID'S FRIEND ABOUT HIS TAN -- U would be in trouble if he came North
    The least he could have done though is to put a shirt on and a tie -- don't U think Terry ?


  4. Yes a shirt and tie would look very nice on him! Baseball players don't usually look pretty without a shirt. Yes even "my Expos".

  5. Yes.. you are surely right Passing-thru and my little Montreal girl.
    I dont think I ever saw Dad Golden without a shirt on..oh yes only once and that time I had my trusted stolen Browny camera in my hands and I snapped a picture of him and for the caption below that picture which I put in my photo album I wrote that "buying the groceries and paying the rent took the shirt right off Dad's back!"

    Really though David's friend looks alright.
    Just that he needs a little color is all....From Terry

  6. O. K. Pilgrim Pals, I have posted a picture of Gabe & Kelly. He put a T-shirt on in response to your comments. Check it out at PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS!

    The Pilgrim