Friday, July 20, 2007

Attention Witches & Wizards

I had to write this post while I was still "hot under the collar". Tonight I stopped at our local CHAPTERS book store on my way to work. I had left home early so I had a few minutes to browse.

Usually CHAPTERS closes at 10:00 p.m. but tonight was the much-anticipated launch of the final (?) Harry Potter book, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows".

CHAPTERS was be-decked in black with staff members and customers outfitted in their Harry Potter garb. The store was already packed with patrons, ready to pick up their book at 12:01 a.m., July 21st.

Repeatedly a staff member would announce over the P.A. system to all the "witches and wizards" in the store that they could get their wristband to facilitate their purchase if they had already pre-ordered the book.

This was beginning to "rankle my feathers" (whatever that means) and when I saw a Christian family eagerly awaiting the "bewitching hour" it only made matters worse.

I know that there are differing opinions amongst Christians as to the value (or lack of same) of these insanely popular editions by J. K. Rowling. My mind was made up when I read of Rowling's less than complimentary view of Christianity and our Savior, Jesus Christ. She doesn't think much of Him or us.

With all the excellent literature for children and young people by Christian authors, why do we get so excited about witches, wizards and spells?

The public address announcer made one too many announcements to the witches and wizards and I was "outta there".

I'm not a witch or a wizard. I'm a redeemed, blood-bought, set free, born-again, bound for heaven child of the King.

If we had as high a view of God, His Son, His Spirit and His Word as the world has of Harry Potter, we'd be out there making an eternal difference in our world.

There, I got it off my chest!

"Thank You, Lord, for lavishing Your love on me! Give me the same hunger for Your eternal Word that these people have for their "witches and wizards. AMEN!"


  1. Amen, isn't that the truth. My little grandson was going to that. He knows I don't like Harry, but his Dad does. So not too much I can do. When he says "Everybody likes Harry Potter," I disagree with him.

  2. I'm not a Harry fan. I certainly wouldn't be lining up for the book.

    I'm interested to know where you read Rowling's thoughts on Christians. I know that a very uncomplimentary interview was posted around the internet some time ago. This later turned out to be a hoax from The Onion or some such satirical site.

  3. Amen...preach it brother. I am surprised that Christians don't even question or seek why book about wizards and magic may not acceptable in God's word.

    God's penalty toward witches and false prophets was rather sever. More than ever there is an abundance of Christian books and movies.

    Should we honor God with all parts of our lives...including to what we read, watch or listen to?

    Blessing David and thank you for speaking truth and love. Blessings Susan

  4. Amen! I couldn't agree with you more!

    I was embarrassed to hear on the radio that there were people in the Province of Newfoundland who were bragging because it would reach 12:01 a.m. there, before anywhere else in Canada, so they could have a few chapters read before the people in BC even got their book. Give me a break.

    You would never find this kind of pandemonium if they were offering the Bible or some Christian fiction...I guess it's just the way of this old world.

  5. Rodney:

    WWhat's a Christian to Do with Harry Potter? by Connie Neal. Carol read some sections of the book to me including some anti-Christian comments.

    I think the book is puiblished by Waterbook Press.

    Always good to hear from you!


  6. Goldwings...aren't you 100% right on when you mention, "You would never find this kind of pandemonium if they were offering the Bible or some Christian fiction..." I said the same thing to my younger siblings when I heard Canada Post would be offering a special delivery service today.

    Lil Pilgrim Pal

  7. I am sick and tired of all the Harry Potter nonsense...thank goodness this is the last book!

    I just quickly skimmed through a book we have here called "Harry Potter and the Bible - The Menace Behind the Magick" by Richard Abanes. I haven't yet had time to read it, but I found an interesting point, that makes me upset with the series even more. There are 7 books in the series...she planned it that way because "the number 7 has always been magiacal and mystical to her" but 7 is GOD'S number!

    Basically, what this book is trying to prove (I think) is that by allowing children to read these "magical" books...even though they are fiction, it puts the ideas of occult and witchcraft into children's heads...thus allowing the possibility of further involvement into the occult as they get older.

    That is one of many reasons why I will never allow my daughter to read the series...or watch the movies. There is much better literature out there than that!

    Thanks for your post David...I too would have walked out if I had been in, I couldn't imagine taking my young child to a bookstore at midnight just to get a book...

  8. Harry Potter....Shame on the Christians that allow this in their lives or the lives of their children.....there is so much scripture on sickens me, frankly.