Monday, July 23, 2007

Divine Intervention With Aaron Devine

As a matter of interest regarding young Aaron Devine, our friend who was hit while cycling, the young man who ran into him attends the same church, Kawartha Community Church, as the Devine family. Of course he is heart-broken as a result of this saga but, like the rest of us, is excited about what God is going to do.

Here's the latest update I've received from Aaron's grandfather, Carl Hudson, concerning this:

Praise Report:

“Aaron has been taken off the ventilator. He is speaking and recognizing family members. He does have bruising & some bleeding in the brain and also brusing of the bladder, and is experiencing stroke-like symptoms. They are putting a cast on the broken leg. He’ll remain at McMaster’s Children’s Hospital until all assessments are completed. The prayers of God's family are valued beyond words. Thank you & God bless all of you."

Note: Carl Hudson, Aaron's grandfather, was my former Program Manager at Christian Horizons before he retired. His wife Ruth taught our granddaughter Victoria and our sons Matthew and Nathan at Grace Christian Academy. - David


  1. GOOD NEWS ON AARON -- Thx for the updates and will continue to pray

  2. I second passing-thru...I will continue to pray for Aaron. The updates are much appreciated.

    Also, I have a bone to pick with you! My old Sens t-shirt is covered in autographs from my last play-off game, so I've decided to retire it because Im' afraid of spilling something on it and ruining it. I was at Sensations the other day, and they are totally SOLD OUT of Fisher shirts, jerseys...everything! Tell Mike to stop being so popular so I can get my hands on one of his shirts!

    Hope Matthew is feeling better after his sting!!

  3. Lauren-Mary,

    When we were in Ottawa in May, we actually hoped we could pick up a Sens flag by the side of the 417 that might have flown off someone's disappointed were we! And we also hoped someone in our area might actually throw one out after the Cup Final, but no, they are saving them, I guess :) Oh, well, we are going to keep looking for a free handout somewhere !

    Lil Pilgrim Pal