Friday, July 13, 2007


Today I went digging in the Pilgrim Scribblings archives for some choice nugget of truth that I could revel in...all over again.

Here it is...written back in November of 2005. The truths expressed still apply today.

"Father, by your Spirit, quiet my heart today and allow me to rest in Your everlasting arms. For Jesus' sake and Your glory I pray, AMEN!"


This morning I've been blessed beyond measure with a remarkable quietness that defies description. It's as though a terrifying storm is on the horizon and yet a "perfect peace" permeates my spirit and His "quietness and confidence" is making me strong far beyond my own efforts.

The beauty of this inner strength is that it didn't come from an extended prayer time, a fresh reading of God's eternal truth or some other external exercise expended after I awoke this morning. As far as I can tell, today's "rest" has come from a compilation of 55-plus years of walking with my Redeemer and King. That sense of companionship that can't be quickly conjured up! That deep relationship that only comes from decades of walking the rough road with a God who understands.

Do you "get" what I'm trying to say? Often it's difficult to articulate these mighty, inner workings of God's Spirit. All I know is this...what I'm holding onto today is a confidence that was bought and paid for over 2,000 years ago when the God of Heaven gave up His rightful place to take my place and punishment on a rough-hewn cross.

Today's peace was purchased at great cost so I could face the impending storm with a bold confidence that can't be realized any other way than by receiving God's priceless gift of "quietness and confidence". And so I say this morning, "Thank you, Father, for all You've done for me. Without You I'm doomed! By Jesus' sacrifice I'm delivered! By His death and resurrection I'm destined for eternity in Your holy presence."

"And the work of righteousness shall be peace; and the effect of righteousness quietness and assurance for ever." - Isaiah 32:17 (KJV) WOW!

Reminds me of the chorus of an old hymn, Blessed Quietness, written by Manie Ferguson:

Blessed quietness, holy quietness,
Blest assurance in my soul!
On the stormy sea Jesus speaks to me,
And the billows cease to roll.

There you have it, friends! A golden oldie! Trust Him today!


  1. RICH AND APPLICABLE -- thx David - alittle like what Lil pilgrim pal said in her story about how the PRESENCE of CHRIST was with her in the hallway ---

    nice stuff ----------- thx again

  2. WOW indeed! I need to go highlight that verse in my Bible!

  3. What a treasure this was for me today! Thank you for re-sharing it with us. :)

  4. So much good stuff here, David. You're a blessing to know. Thanking God for your heart and ministry.