Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Great Visit With Gabe & Kelly

Yesterday I drove to Pittsburgh, PA from Erie, PA, where we're staying, to see my friends Gabe and Kelly Gross. We had a great time...a wonderful opportunity to re-connect and share our lives.

The day was filled with faux-pas or silly, frustrating blunders.

For example:

When Kelly went to pick up her ticket at the Will Call booth at the ballpark she was told that they didn't have one for her. They found another random ticket (likely out in the bleachers) for her. Then I asked for mine. Right away the ticket guy pulled the envelope with my ticket in it from the ticket "thingy". The envelope with Kelly's ticket was with it. Good things she saw it, commented on it and was given her ticket. She had ordered both hers and mine so she knew they should be there.

  • When Kelly took a cab from their hotel to the ballpark she went to pay the amount on the meter but was told that the meter didn't work and ended up paying twice that amount. I bet the guy thought he would try ripping off this innocent visitor to Pittsburgh.

  • Gabe didn't get to play...not even a pinch-hit appearance. It was the only game of the 4 that the Brewers are playing in Pittsburgh that Kelly and I were attending. Too bad we couldn't at least have seen a pinch-hit appearance.

  • Following the game, Kelly and I were given the royal run-around as we tried to get down to the visitors' clubhouse area. We must have walked a mile and finally we were led into some dining room for wait for Gabe to find us. He eventually did!

  • We couldn't find a taxi to take us back to the team hotel. Finally a "deluxe" version came along. The fare was three times the regular amount but a bottle of water was included for each of us. We could have ordered a steak too...I think! We just wanted to get back to the hotel.

Other than that, we had a rewarding time together. Oh yes, I forgot my camera so here's a photo from my visit to Milwaukee last July.

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  1. i'm glad you got to enjoy the visit, regardless of "the spoiler" trying to ruin it ...

    blessings on you - as you continue to minister to athletes ...