Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Looking Back

Now that I've turned 62 I'm realizing that I have crafted more baseball-related memories in the past than I will ever be able to make in my remaining years.

A year and a half after stepping away from my position with BASEBALL CHAPEL I find myself recalling literally hundreds of those memories...fondly. Yes, there's a book in the works but I have enough stories for a dozen volumes.

Often Carol and I will talk of the times that we were ministering together before we adopted the boys. We made many friends in the world of baseball...as a couple.

With all the talk in recent weeks about Barry Bonds' assault on Hank Aaron's home run record, I find myself thinking back to the time that Barry's dad Bobby Bonds was a friend of mine. Bobby passed away several years ago but we had many talks during his career. I can clearly remember the day in the visitors' clubhouse in Montreal when Bobby told me about Barry. He spoke as a loving and proud dad. Who ever would have thought that Barry would become such a prominent figure?

Now, as Barry approaches the record of 755 home runs, I find myself feeling old. Ancient!

I recall with fondness the night that Hank Aaron bested Babe Ruth's record of 714 homers. Hank had been my favorite ballplayer since I was a kid. How exciting to watch that 715th homer clear the fence!

The excitement won't be there when Barry hits his record-breaker! Sadly, the record will be tainted!

My fondest memory finds me kneeling in the kitchen with my mom when I was only 6 years old. That morning I welcomed Jesus Christ into my life and became a born-again Christian. Nothing can taint that memory! It's forever etched in my mind and I'll always be grateful for a godly mother who showed me the Way!

Well friends, I could go on and on but...there are so many other stories to be told and so little time to tell them.

Ask me about Tim Foli sometime...
"I have been young, and now am old, yet I have not seen the righteous forsaken or His children begging for bread." - Psalm 37:25 (ESV)


  1. GOOD POST DAVID -- so many memories -- Heaven will be a place most welcome --

    U and Carol ministering to so many - no telling how that has multiplied like the mustard seed -

    GODLY ACTIONS AND INFLUENCE BY U TWO probably has affected thousands

  2. My eyes scanned this, and stuck on the word "Montreal"...did you come here often in your baseball chapel days? What was it like? Did you know any Expos? Did you ever meet their broadcasters? I'd love to hear your stories on our "Nos Amours", the Expos that were...

    I used to fall asleep listening to their games...and yes, I didn't like baseball, but if you heard Elliott Price calling games as well as he did, you'd fall asleep, too. Any good baseball broadcast puts me to sleep...you'll rarely catch me sleeping during a hockey game, except when I'm really tired and I'm listening to a Marlies game, or maybe when I'm REALLY, REALLY tired and I'm listening to my favorite Cats games.

    Lil Pilgrim Pal

  3. Amen dear David, Amen!

    As I read your piece I was wondering what your conclusion would be. Would you acknowledge that Barry's accomplishment is tarnished even before it's been achieved? Even when he breaks Hank Aaron's record...and people offer their congratulations...in the back of their mind will be doubt because he will have broken the record through compromise and falsehood associated with steroid use. There should be an asterisk next to Barry's record. How sad...and how representative of our society in general.

    I look forward to the book David. Blessings dear one.