Saturday, July 07, 2007

Saturday Sixteen

Sixteen Saturday Musings brought about by a visit to the restroom in a large department store.

It’s Always Nice…

· When you walk into what you think is the men’s restroom and you see the urinals. (the signs on the door are often so non-conclusive that you wonder if you're going into the "right" one.
· When you run into a friend you haven’t seen for years.
· When someone sends you a card of encouragement in the mail for no reason other than to lift your spirits.
· When someone compliments you on “a job well done”.
· When the item you’re buying has a further reduction that you weren’t expecting.
· When the food you ordered at the restaurant arrives before you expected it.
· When you sing Great Is Thy Faithfulness at church.
· When the price of gasoline drops unexpectedly.
· When the teacher tells you that your kids are really doing well at school.
· When you finally go out the door and leave for a much-needed vacation.
· When you get complimentary comments after baring your soul on your blog.
· When you hear a powerful testimony at a baptismal service (like we did last Sunday).
· When someone drops in to see you at your office and brings a coffee.
· When God unexpectedly provides for your needs.
· When Greater Vision (my favorite singing group) releases a new CD.
· When you’re finally done cutting the grass after 4-5 hours have passed.


  1. I certainly found myself smiling and agreeing with several of those.

  2. Well, the first one caused me to start laughing as I remember a "very embarassing moment" for my dear hubby! :) He walked into the restroom and noticed immediately how clean it was. After finishing his business he walked out of the stall and saw a woman emptying the garbage. His stomach sank to the bottom of his toes! He looked around quite sheepishly and asked the woman if this was "perchance the ladies room instead of the men's restroom." To which she laughingly replied, "Oh, yes!!"

    He praised the Lord there had not been any women in the restroom!!! I don't think he has been back to that store since! ;)

  3. Interesting musings...
    I like the new "notes from fellow pilgrims". Very appropriate.

    Lil Pilgrim Pal