Monday, September 11, 2006

What A Day!

Yesterday afternoon Matthew and I hiked on an area nature trail, went to scenic, nearby Burleigh Falls then came back to Peterborough to feed the ducks at Little Lake in the center of town.

The weather was perfect and being out in God's playground was exhilarating. Here's a shot I took with my ever-present camera.

Have a great week, dear friends and keep looking to Jesus, the "Pioneer and Perfecter of our faith" as the RSV rendition of Hebrews 12:2 states.


  1. Dear David...Right where there SHOULD be,I imagine two good pictures all I can see is two red X's!!
    Not a duck in sight!!...from Terry

  2. Oh!! There are the ducks and the sea gulls..How fun!!
    And there is that cute little punkin of a Matthew!!
    I have a little nephew named Matthew too, but to Uncle Bernie and Aunt Terry is is just our Scat-Mat...shortened to Scatty..We are the only ones to get away with calling him this! He is not so little anymore either..He is 23 years old!!.....From Terry