Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dusk At David's Place

This evening I ventured outside again, anxious to catch the moon as it rose in the eastern sky. The elm trees around here are gradually dying from Dutch Elm disease but this one looked picturesque with the moon shining through. Light shines through darkness, life shatters death's shackles and Almighty God, the Giver of Life is still alive and on His throne.

I'm so grateful, as I've mentioned often, that He displays His handiwork so freely and graciously. All we need to do is look up and acknowledge that the Creator has done all things well. AMEN!


  1. this is an awesome pic!

    the moon was prominent in the sky last night at our place ... it seems i could see the crators in it with no difficulty at all - almost touch them!

  2. That sure is a lovely moon David..
    You are a good photographer.
    I have tried and tried to take pictures of the moon sometimes at Katy's but I never do succeed.
    I guess I just have to learn the settings on the camera.
    Bernie is forever getting after me.
    He keeps saying. "Read the manual!!"
    Some help he is.. Why can't HE just read the manual and give me a little help here! Ha!!...from Terry

    You know what would be nice David if you could get a good picture of a spider's web..another thing I can't seem to do and Katy has some beauties at the cottage..