Monday, September 11, 2006

The Great Unknown

This sometimes frightening experience we call daily living can, at the same time, be exciting and downright scary. Venturing into the "great unknown" can be debilitating.

Our existence is often strewn with unknowns, those chapters in the book of life that add suspense and drama to the finished product.

I've never known the terror of living without a Guide to walk me through those dark nights, those paths littered with the debri of broken promises and shattered dreams. With Christ in my life since I was a young child, I've, to some degree, been able to place my hand in His nailed-scarred hands and let Him lead into those dark, shadowy places. That's not to say I've never been scared. I'm at a cross-roads in life as I pen these words. What lies ahead is unknown but, as William Carey once said, "The future is as bright as the promises of God."

I'm amazed that people in this day and age continue to walk independently, stating that they don't need anything to do with God in their lives. How can they have any measure of peace?

My prayer:

"Father, teach those of us who have met You, through Your Son Jesus, to be brave and be strong, knowing that the Lord our God is with us. May the realities that accompanied our salvation when we first believed be realized and entered in to as we walk this pilgrim pathway. As we enter unknown, virgin territory today, tomorrow or next week, remind us that we never walk alone. Guide us O Thou Great Jehovah, pilgrims in this barren land. Father, make us instruments of Your peace, agents of redemption and reconciliation, lighthouses in our neighborhoods, shining lights who radiate Your love. May those who have never met You see Christ in us. Use us in spite of our brokenness and imperfections. Take us to our desired haven at Your right hand, but until then, may we sense Your abiding presence in the midst of the storm. Thank You for leading us "home" through Jesus Christ our Lord and Master! AMEN!"

Note: I took this photo yesterday as Matthew and I walked along a nature trail close to our home. The opening into the "great unknown" almost looked like a circle of light and I had to start clicking.


  1. Dear David..What a day and what a picture!
    Your posts have been so touching lately!
    Sometimes it IS so hard to be walking through life with so many unknowns but your postings and Saija's have been so encourgaing lately.What a Father we have!
    I think that the Lord has not only put you two into my path these last few months but also the rest of the "Fisher" connection there too. I am so grateful for these faithful group of Christian bloggers who have such a help !!....From Terry

    Ha!! even those two youngsters on your team..Julie and Lauren-mary are pretty swell people!!

  2. Gee, thanks're an encouragement too!

    David, what can I say? Another great post! You're right, it is hard walking into the unknown...sometimes I wish God would just come right out and tell what/where we are to be, but I guess that would take the "fun" out of finding out for ourselves.

    I try to remember that He'll never take us anywhere He hasn't gone before, and that "where God guides, God provides". Still, I do get caught up in my own ideas can be hard to let Him lead, especially when we think we know what is best for us!

    Keep up the good work!