Thursday, September 21, 2006

Holy Rollers

One of the highlights at the International Ploughing (or Plowing) Match was watching the Logging Sports activities. There was pole climbing, log rolling, jousting, cross-saw cutting contests, etc. There was a "hole" filled with water for the log rollers to land in if they fell. Thus...the holy rollers.
Hopefully I'm going back tomorrow to see the things I missed on Tuesday.

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  1. Dear David...I am not sure if the preachers that were at our Welland fair went to THIS ploughing match or not. They were headed to one this week.
    They take this oppoturnity to always set up a Gospel Booth and it seems to work really well in contacting people with the "Good News".
    Perhaps if they DID go to this one, you saw them?...
    When our family was fist saved, some of our relatives called US "Holy Rollers"!!...from Terry