Monday, September 18, 2006

Ploughs 'n' Washboards

NOTE: Here we go again! When I added this post the pictures were there. Sometimes when I go to check it out there are some there and others are appearing. What is happening with BLOGGER? Rather than erasing those annoying squares with a red X in them I'll wait and hopefully the pix will miraculously return.

One other you spell PLOUGH this way or this way...PLOW?

This year's International Ploughing Match is being held near Keene, ON just outside Peterborough. The tent city is set up on a farm there and exhibits stretch for acres and acres.

The grades 6 & 8 classes from Rhema Christian School went by bus to the ploughing match today. The competition doesn't start until tomorrow but there was lots to see. I'd like to go back again because you just couldn't see it all in a few hours.

There were logging competitions (see photos) lots of enternainment (see pictures of Washboard Hank, my cousin). He plays just about every instrument imaginable...the washboard, the fallopian tuba (kitchen sink), harmonica, horn, kazoo, guitar, banjo, etc.

It was a great day and Matthew (pictured) was pretty tired when we headed for home.

If you live anywhere near Peterborough, make every attempt to attend.


  1. The picture of Matthew isn't there

  2. Dear David..There are no pictures here..just a bunch of red x's....from Terry