Wednesday, September 06, 2006

In My Office and On Her Blog

Debra posted this painting by Bill Saunders on her As I See It Now blog. We must have similar tastes because I have the same picture on my office wall. I've always appreciated Saunders' work and often find myself walking down the streets and roads in my mind's eye, enjoying the homey neighborhoods and the small town "feel". Good choice of a picture, Debra! I'll have to take a photo of the wall behind my desk so my readers can see how the picture looks above a bookcase!


  1. Oh Boy! I think there is another blog site I am going to have to visit and read David.
    This picture is so nice and homey..
    I am telling you who ever invented the idea of blogs sure did a good thing!!...from Terry

  2. David--how fun! (and great minds thinking alike and all that...heh...). I posted that picture and the others because those scenes are almost exactly what Tom and I see when we take drives out in the country... It always feels as though we have traveled back in time out there--such a great feeling! Thanks for mentioning my blog once more.... Blessings to you, Debra