Monday, September 18, 2006

No Comment From the Fish

Dear Blogging Buddies:

Just a note of clarification...

Since going to BLOGGER beta I've been unable to post COMMENTS on blogs that aren't configured to the BLOGGER beta format.

I continue to read your posts every day and would often like to comment on them but I can't.

Be encouraged as you continue to share God's love, grace and faithfulness through this effective means of communication...blogging through cyberspace.

We'll never know 'til we get home just how much our "scribblings" have touched other lives.

Your friend,



  1. Dear David...I think we ALREADY know some of the results of this Fisher Connection of Christian network of bloggers.
    We are fishers of men doncha' know!!...From Terry

  2. David,

    I too, cannot comment on your posts if I use my blogger id. Try posting a comment anonymously (but don't forget to sign your name at the bottom so we know who the comment belongs to!!) Maybe that will work.


  3. I've had the same issue with many blogs. Where they don't allow me to use my 'Blogger' I.D. I've simply chosen 'Other' and filled in my details.

    Your commenting allows either Google or Blogger login so it's easy.

    Of course for those of us using Haloscan for our commenting there hasn't been a problem. :)