Sunday, September 17, 2006

Five Things I'd Do

I don't have a clue what the definition of a "meme" is but it's a buzz word amongst bloggers. Maybe it has something to do with making lists and getting others to do the same. Maybe not. Who knows?

Anyhow I love "lists". It's one of those things that makes me wierd in some people's eyes and unique in other's minds. After viewing this incredible picture on Saija's Thro' A Glass Darkly blog, I thought of this heading:

FIVE THINGS I'D DO (if money was not a problem):

1. I'd make sure that the ministries and missionaries who mean a lot to us would never have to struggle financially.

2. I'd finally fly to England to visit the sights there, especially those pertaining to people like George Muller, William Cowper, Charles Spurgeon, John Newton, the Wesleys, etc.

3. I'd take our kids out of school for a year, rent a mobile home and travel throughout Canada and the U.S.A., visiting friends and checking out the sights we've never seen.

4. I'd give generously to medical agencies to speed up research to find cures for cancer and other debilitating diseases.

5. I'd build a library like the one in Saija's picture and buy the necessary books to fill it.

What about you? List five (5) things you'd do if money wasn't a factor. Go ahead. I'm anxious to read the responses. So are my 10 readers.

Have a great week!


  1. Hey, if money isn't a problem, why not head down to Australia with the family and continue the holiday here? I'm happy to show you the sights of Perth. :)

  2. 1. I'd give generously (of course) to my church and to the mission we support (LIFE outreach giving food, water and shelter to those who need it in third world countries!)

    2. I'd make sure there was homes and food for those who needed it...find things for them to do to help give back to their community...give them hope.

    3. I too would travel...go to Scotland to see family, go out to the East Coast, and travel anywhere else I wanted.

    4. I'd finally have my dream home with lots of rooms and a huge kitchen with lots of room for making my cakes! (and yes, I too would have one of those big libraries filled with books!)

    5. And finally...maybe I'm getting a little selfish, but God wants to give us the desires of our heart...I would have a nice big grand piano (which of course, I would have room for in my big house!) so that I could play to my heart's content...maybe my playing would actually get a little better!

    Oh it's fun to dream and to think about all we could do...not just for ourselves but for others. The neat thing is that when God is part of our plan, we have His bankroll on our side, so anything is possible...miracles do happen!


  3. I would:
    Quit my job and be a full time mom

    Fund several orphanages around the world

    Travel as many places as possible

    Build my dream house, with a library. It wouldn't be huge, just comfortable, and well decorated.

    Hire a full time house keeper and a cook, and pay them very well.

  4. From reader number four..

    1. Buy my mom and dad a house and hire a few servants so that they would not have to worry about house work and lawn work.
    It has always been my mom's dream to live in a little home and even though money is NOT a factor in her owning a cat, I would get her a few homless ones from the Humane Society for her to love.

    2. Go to as many Southern Gospel Concerts as I could. I would now, but money is a factor because so many of the concerts would require time off from work and air fare to get there. I would love to go to the National Quartet Convention just to see my heroes; Gerald Wolfe and Roger Bennett and Charles Johnson of the Revivers Quartet[just to hear him sing, "I Can't Even Walk Without Him Holding My Hand"].I will have to wait till I am in heaven to see my hero..Jake Hess..And the ticket to Heaven is FREE..

    3. To spend most of my time in Welland where most of my family lives, but own an airplane to go to Manitoba every other weekend!!!

    4. Have lots of money to send to the missionaries and to give lots to the preachers working for the Lord in United Staes and Canada too!

    5. Own everyone of the Gaither and Friends DVDs..Ha!!

    Hey,you know what David?
    That youngster, Julie is so right!!
    Why! Doesn't our Lord own the cattle on a thousand hills and if it was His will for us to have all of these things,wouldn't He be giving them to us?!

    And as far as having lots of money, we COULD use the little we DO have and still give it to the Lord like the poor widow did!!

    We are so blessed!!! From Terry

    No amount of money could buy us the true friendship and love that we have from our good blogger friends!!

    Three cheers for the Fisher Connection and his other nine readers!!!

  5. Oh I think he's just being humble...I'm sure there must be more than 10 readers must be up to what, 15? LOL! Just kidding David...I do think you have many,many readers (who are waiting for you to publish a book!)


  6. if money weren't an issue, that would be my library for real!!!

    *smile* ...

    but my list would be the same as most everyone elses - to help those who aren't able to help themselves, and to do it in Jesus name ... amen? Amen! ...

    then we could all go visit Rodney in Australia - who could show us the sights!

    blessings on your week!

  7. What a great photo! And what a great post!


  8. Julie.. You little sweetheart..
    Keep right on bugging that David Fisher about publishing his book!!!...Love Terry