Monday, September 04, 2006

The Niagara Falls Sandwich

Last Saturday I took our boys Matthew (11) and Nathan (10 this Wednesday) to Niagara Falls. Our trip to the Falls was sandwiched between visits with two young men that I've enjoyed mentoring and encouraging over the last year or so.

On Friday afternoon we met with Nathan Betts (photo on the left) who I met at The Rogers Centre as one of the grounds crew members for the Toronto Blue Jays. Nathan is a solid brother in the Lord and recently took a position with Lakemount Worship Centre as interim youth pastor. In 10 days Nathan will be leaving for England to spend a year at Oxford University on an all-expenses paid scholarship. We wish Nathan God's richest blessing as he continues to prepare himself for service for the King of Kings.

On Saturday evening following our time at Niagara Falls (we didn't even see the actual Falls) we stopped to visit David Shantz, the Peterborough Petes' #1 goaltender last season. David was drafted by the Florida Panthers and signed with them on May 31st. He's leaving for training camp in a day or two. David, as well, is a fine, young Christian man!

The exciting thing about these two young men is that they both took our sons under their wings and befriended them. Matthew and Nathan love them both.

What was the highlight or our Niagara trip? You guessed it! Nathan Betts and David Shantz. Please pray for these two friends.

P. S. Now I have a legitimate reason to fly to England this year. I've been waiting since I was a young boy. I want to visit Bristol where George Muller established his orphanages. Visit my George Muller site.


  1. Taking aboout a Dagwood sandwich David..
    How exactly DID you sandwich so much activity into two short days and STILL have time to blog..[Ha! and to fight with the blogging machine!]
    You and your wife are one busy couple that's a for sure!

    It must be so encouraging for you to see young fellows that you have taken the time to mentor and now seeing them going on so well.
    They in turn will be mentors to others and only heaven will show you the results....

    Those two sons of yours are so cute!!

    How do you fit so many people into one house David?
    There sure seems to b a lot of you!...from Terry

    It will be a dream come true for you David if you get to England and visit your hero's surroundings!!

  2. :o) ... good post ...

    and i am hoping to be in Niagara Falls in 2 weeks time ... i've never seen the falls - and it would be a highlight ...