Friday, September 08, 2006

A Mother's Prayer

A praying mother led me to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ on a Sunday morning in Toronto when I was six (6) years old. I'll forever be grateful for godly, praying parents. The story of Hudson Taylor's salvation is heartwarming and encouraging. - David

J. Hudson Taylor 1832-1905

The beginning of it all was a quiet hour among his father’s books, when young Hudson Taylor sought something to interest him. His mother was away from home and the boy was missing her. The house seemed empty, so he took the story he found to a favorite corner in the old warehouse, thinking he would read it as long as it did not get prosy.

Many miles away, the mother was specially burdened that Saturday afternoon about her only son. Leaving her friends she went alone to plead with God for his salvation. Hour after hour passed while that mother was still upon her knees, until her heart was flooded with a joyful assurance that her prayers were heard and answered.

The boy was reading, meanwhile, the booklet he had picked up, and as the story merged into something more serious he was arrested by the words: “The finished work of Christ.” Who can explain the mystery of the Holy Spirit’s working? Truth long familiar, though neglected, came back to mind and heart.

“Why does the writer use those words?” he questioned. “Why does he not say, ’the atoning or propitiatory work of Christ'?”

Immediately, It is finished shone out as in letters of light. Finished? What was finished?

“A full and perfect atonement for sin,” his heart replied. “The debt was paid by the great Substitute. 'Christ died for our sins,' and 'not for ours only but also for the sins of the whole world.'”

Then came the thought with startling clearness, “If the whole work is finished, the whole debt paid, what is there left for me to do?”

The one, the only answer took possession of his soul: “There was nothing in the world for me to do save to fall upon my knees and accepting this Savior and His salvation to praise Him for evermore.”

Old doubts and fears were gone. The reality of the wonderful experience we call conversion filled him with peace and joy. New life came with that simple acceptance of the Lord Jesus Christ, for to “as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God.” And great was the change that new life brought.

Longing to share his new-found joy with his mother, he was the first to welcome her on her return.

"I know, my boy, I know,” she said with her arms about him. “I have been rejoicing for a fortnight in the glad news you have to tell.” (Howard, Spiritual Secret 16-18)


  1. Your post today has BLESSED this mother's praying heart!


  2. Dear David..This is by far one of your best postings..
    I am going to print it out for my mother.
    I never read about how Hudson Taylor was saved.
    It is so tremendous and yet so simple!!
    The way the Lord speaks to a sinner's heart!!!
    I remember that before I was saved I told the Lord, I can't understand it..You will just have to send me to hell where I know I belong.
    You are just too far away!!
    Well then I read the verse in Luke 15:20.. And when HE was yet a great way off...Well wonder of wonders ..It was ME that was afar off NOT Jesus!! He was near all the time!! The moment that I saw that David, that was the moment I was saved!! It was June 27, 1967.
    It was a warm night and I remember looking up at the closed window. The summer moths were hitting the window trying to get at the inside light..
    I guess it sounds silly David but I said to those moths.
    "You cant get to the light. There is a barrier and the only way you can get to that light is if somebody opens or breaks the glass .
    Then it dawned on my happy soul ..."Why the barier between me and the Lord had been my great wall of sin and Jesus had broken down that barrier by the shedding his precious blood for me and opened the way for me to take the light of his salvation!!

    David this posting has made me so happy today! Thank you dear brother!!! Love Terry