Monday, September 04, 2006

Butterfly Beauty

What an exciting way to end the summer...watching the Monarch butterfly finally break loose from the chrysalis and spread its wings. Here are some more photos of this incredible life change. We got thinking about what we witnessed. If we had tried to "help" the butterfly get free from its chrysalis, it would have died. God had to do the work in His way and in His time.

All too often we think we can "help God out" and we end up making a mess of things. If we would only yield to His control and trust Him with everything.

We also were reminded that God can take a life that is scarred with sin and outwardly "ugly" and by His transforming power make that person into a "new creation", beautiful in His sight.

Hallelujah! What a Savior!

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  1. Dear David..Did you get these pictures of this lovely creature by zooming in David?
    I haven't really seen a lot of Monarch butterflies at Katy's but Betty has spotted a few and go there pictures.

    Another good object lesson David!
    ...We are just guilty worms that the Lord has purchased with His own most precious blood and He is transforming everyone of us!
    You are right though...
    I know I, for one am always trying to put my own hand into things instead of letting Him do the leading. I find that I am so impatient to wait sometimes!
    It is so good though that in spite of ourselves He is still at work!!
    One of my friends used to have that expression, "He's Still working on me", pinned right to the front door.....From Terry