Friday, September 29, 2006

Carrying On the Legacy

Many of you will recall the e-mails and posts I wrote concerning my friend Chuck Obremski. This servant of the Lord went "home" on September 18th, 2005 after a valiant battle with cancer.

His wife Linda continues to carry the torch for Jesus Christ. I get the prayer updates from the church which Chuck pastored, Kindred Community Church. In the latest edition this picture of Linda and her responsibilities was highlighted.

God bless you Linda as you press on towards the prize! We love you!


  1. Will surely pray for Linda and family and ministry--thanks for the post.

    Also, just wanted to let you know I still plan to include something about JM Ministries, per your suggestion, but lost my last post on her:-) Right now I'm taking a blogging break but will be shortly with more posts on discernment, hopefully. Appreciate your interest and support in Christ.


  2. will "be back shortly" I meant to say....uh, typos!:-)