Sunday, September 17, 2006

Breaking Through the Fog

Early Saturday morning I had to fight the fog that blanketed our area as I headed off to Guelph, Ontario. The sun was trying to break through the overcast sky. I didn't have my camera handy so I asked our granddaughter Victoria to take a picture as I was pulling out of our driveway.

In our hurried lives it often seems like we're in a fog. We don't see clearly. Vision is blurred. Perception is off-kilter. We're tired, run-down and weary. In the midst of our our "fuzziness" the Son attempts to break through to get our attention. Depending on where we're at spiritually we could miss hearing His voice or not even recognize His face.

Is the Son trying to break through the fog of your life these days? Ask Him to clear away the things that hide His face and let Him have control.

"He'll shout the vict'ry, Break through the blue;
Some golden daybreak, For me, for you."

Photo by Victoria Milligan - September 16/06


  1. Dear David..
    We sang this hymn today. Your posting says it all.

    When we reach our peaceful dwelling
    On the strong,eternal hills
    And our praise to Him is swelling,
    Who the vast creation fills;
    When the path of prayer, and duty,
    And affliction,all are trod,
    And we wake and see the beauty
    Of our Saviour and our God:

    O 'twill be a glorious morrow
    To a dark and stormy day
    When we smile upon our sorrow,
    And the storms have passed away

    With the light of resurrection,
    When our changed bodies glow,
    And we gain the full perfection
    Of the bliss begun below;
    When the life the flesh obscureth
    In each radiant form shall shine
    And the joy that aye endureth
    Flashes forth in beams divine.

    Shall the memory be banished
    Of His kindness and His care,
    When the wants and woes are vanished,
    Which He loved to soothe and share?
    All the way by which He lead us,
    All the grievings which He bore,
    All the patient love He taught us,
    Shall we think of them no more?

    We shall read the tender meaning
    Of the sorrows and alarms,
    As we trod the desert, leaning
    On His everlasting arms;
    And His rest will be the dearer
    When we think of weary ways,
    And His light will shine the clearer
    As we muse on cloudy days.

    O 'twill be a glorious morrow
    To a dark and stormy day
    When we smile upon our sorrow,
    And the storms have passed away.
    .....Love Terry

  2. Still trying t get used to your new system David...
    I am not anonymous.. I am Terry!!!...from Terry

  3. Terry:

    My new system?

    I'm going to log in and leave a comment to see how my "new system" works.

    Thanks for being my comment 'tater.

    Most 'taters are from PEI or Idaho but you are from Welland.

    Seriously, thanks for being my # 1 fan. The other 9 readers have to take there position following you.

    Be encouraged today!