Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Phone Phish Is No Phoney

Here's a shot of my nephew and favorite NHL player, Mike Fisher, taking a call from his uncle David or from one of his many friends, family or fans. I got this photo from the Training Camp Gallery on the Senators' site.

Mike is sitting in the Baton Rouge Restaurant in Kanata having lunch. If you've never checked out the ribs at a Baton Rouge restaurant you better find one near you and pay them a visit. I've eaten in the Kanata location, the one in the Eaton's Centre in Toronto and the one on Leslie Avenue just off the 404 north of Toronto.

Mmmmmmmmmm good!
P. S. Nice goal against the Leafs last night, Mike!


  1. I live in Kanata (at least when I'm home from university!), and all I can say is about Baton Rouge is...yummy yummy!!
    I've been so busy lately that I've meant to post comments but never had the time! Your posts lately have been so great; I'll try and sit down soon and post some comments.

    Go Sens Go!

    May the Lord bless your week-


  2. Good morning David..
    Seven thirty in the morning.Too early for a lazy-bones like me but I have to go to work..
    Just want say I haven't fogotten you. I will read ALL your posts later on!! Lots of homework to do!!
    That plate of food really looks good!! Even this time of the morning!!...Take care From Terry