Friday, September 08, 2006

A Shot Of The Moon

Another great night for moon shots out here in the country. I took this shot about an hour ago. This is my last post (do I hear a trumpet) for the day.

The moon is shining brightly and God is staying awake all night so why should I?

Have a good and godly weekend as Woodrow Kroll from the Back to the Bible Broadcast would say!


  1. Dear David...I am going to just have to read the manual and see how you take such tremendous pictures of the moon!!
    Just stunning!!

    Last post?..I didn't hear any trumpets down our way.. Bernie, the spoiled cat and I were sawing logs by that time, I think!

    There was probably a whole lot of trumpetting going on down Peterbourgh way though!!

    Have a good weekend and God's blessings on your weekend especially on the Lord's Day...from Terry

  2. Oh by the way David..
    Mom wouldn't let us listen to the hit parade but I will never forget each Saturday morning when all of us kids would gather around the radio to listen to Theodore Epp, of "Back To The Bible Hour", as he read to us the continuing story of "Danny Orlis"... Just heavenly!!...from Terry

  3. you have been a busy blogger! and i love the moon shot ... you have got some super pics ... some uplifting scripture would go great on it - making an inspirational poster!

    i'm a back to the bible fan too ...

  4. Hey David..I just noticed your "Brethern Assemblies" on your blog site.
    It is so interesting!!'
    I saw when I went to the list of commended workers that Marion Ronald is still in Zambia..
    I guess the Golden Children really served her well in her training for the mission field seeing as she is still there, eh?...
    Marion was a Portage la Prairie girl.....from Terry