Thursday, September 21, 2006

Checkin' the Bus

Good morning, blogging buddies. Some of you are in Australia, some in Texas, some in Illinois, Manitoba, California, Welland (ON) and several right here in Peterborough. Often it's hard to get some of those local yokels to stay "regular". Brodie and Di...oops, I didn't mean to center you out.

Anyhow, Julie is getting pretty good about posting regularly. This morning I teased her about my alarm clock, her diesel bus which she fires up around 8:00 a.m. to get 'er ready for the morning pick-ups. Her bus doesn't really wake me up when I'm at work (Christian Horizons) but it's fun to tease.

After starting 'er up, Julie does her morning check up. Mmmmmmmm. Sounds like a good topic for a new "post", eh Julie.

There...I've set the table for you. Now you can bring on the spiritual food, my friend.

Check Sweet Inspirations for a few thoughts on morning check-ups.


  1. Yes David...I'm working on that posting. You gave me a good idea so I'll try not to take all the credit for it! LOL!

    Poor Andy, when you told us this morning that you had "set the table" he thought we'd be invited to a banquet or something! His taste buds were already beginning to drool!

    I just figure if I keep up on my posts, you won't come after me to post...since you do tend to park next to our van a lot of the time...don't want mysterious notes being left on the windshield or anything!

    Keep school bus post will be popping up soon...

  2. Speaking of which David...I have spent way too much time on your blog...I have to check in with Julie, and I also have some fall pictures[and NOT the kind of "fall" YOU were teasing me about either!], to put on my own site dedicated to my "kindred spirit" friend, Susan..
    Today is my day off so I thougtht I better get caught up!!
    So, David Fisher this is all the comments you are going to get from me!![for the time being, that is.] Ha!! I can't always be nice to you , you know!!

    PS.. Do you have the book written by Mr. Paisley about the authors of the "The Believers Hymn Book"?
    Let me know Ok???