Friday, September 08, 2006

My Desktop and My Mentor

Just thought you might want to see what my desktop (at work) and my desktop (on my computer) look like.
I certainly enjoy writing, reading, praying, studying and blogging (of course) from this office. Come and see me some time!

It's my own personal retreat centre and it's especially enjoyable when my mentor, Paul Collet, comes to visit. Paul came by yesterday and took me out for lunch. He is my only male connection to my wonderful childhood years at McDonnel Street Gospel Hall. Paul's son Dennis was a good friend who I lost touch with for about 40 years. Dennis moved to British Columbia many years ago but we've been re-united again over the last few years. Paul's claim to fame...he loves Jesus passionately and it's contagious when you've around him.

Thanks, Paul, for your love, support and encouragement over these many years. I love you, dear brother!

1 comment:

  1. He looks like such a nice man!
    It is so nice that with Christians there are no generation gaps, eh David?

    I wonder if Mr. Collet likes Southern Gospel Music?

    When Betty and I were just teenagers and Betty discoverd "The Blackwood Brothers" and "The Statesmen Quartet" at the old Metropolitan Stores.[on vinyl records!!] my mom used to say...Hmm..they are a little wild aren't they?

    This was the same mother that wouldn't let us listen to the hit parade with such singers as Bobby Vinton, Richard Chamberlin and "The Righteous Brothers".. Ha!

    Well, several years ago she told me after she had heard Bobby Vinton singing on the radio, "Roses Are Red"..
    "I guess he wasn't such a bad singer after all Terry!!

    And then just a few short years AFTER that we gave her a couple of "Old Friends" Videos and you know what David?..
    NOW she can't get enough of it!! Haa!!! and you know who her favorite singer is...Vestal Goodman!!!

    Ah...Life would have been so much easier in the 50's if mom was as young at heart as she is now!!sigh!!!.....from Terry!