Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Nice Wallpaper, Nice Game

While browsing the Ottawa Senators' web site this evening I found some new desktop wallpaper for your computer screen.

This one looks looks especially attractive. I think I'll use it for awhile.

And, by the way, as I write this post, Mike has scored one goal and picked up two assists so far in the Sens' game in Toronto against their biggest rival, the Leafs.

Go Sens Go!

Update: The Sens added another goal to defeat the Leafs 5-3 last night.

Here's a line from the CBC report:

"The Senators put the game away at 15:27 of the third when Fisher fed a gorgeous pass to Dean McAmmond who beat Tellqvist on a breakaway with a pretty backhander."

Bold type is mine. - Uncle David


  1. and the season starts for real soon ... :o)

    leo is enjoying watching mike - he loves the inside stories ... :o)

    blessings to you!

  2. hi. i have been reading your blog since a random link brought me here last january. I was tempted to comment in the 5 things I would do blog... but I didn't... you seemed quite certain you had only 10 i'm just introducing myself now. My name is Cari, I live in London Ontario and I am a registered nurse. I am praying all is well with your illnes. Your website gives me joy, i never attended church growing up(i'm almost 30 now), and when my dad died 2 years ago, I struggled with my faith, then I met a wonderful minister who offered me guidance, but he too passed away in June. just reading some of your writings and helps me and I wanted you to know. thank you. oh and ps. I just watched the game too and fishie was on fire. from what I have read about him, he seems like such an honourable proud Christian person, something you dont expect from hockey players, I hope for great things for him. also in response to the 5 things... my first one is to go to Africa (either the Sudan or Congo) to work as a nurse and help the refugees and the children. After that I have to think. thank you for listening. sorry for carrying on so long..Cari

  3. Dear David..Good morning
    I hope that you are feeling better today!
    I am almost on my way to work for five hours but just wanted to pop in and sya HI !!
    Your package shoud be in. I called Canada Post last night and they said it had been delivered to your post office.!
    Take care now!!

    From Terry.

    Yay!!You have now reached your 11th reader David!! Things are looking up!!!

    Welcome Cari, to the "Fisher Connection!!!"

  4. Welcome Cari! You'll like it here, but if you start your own blog, be warned...if "the Fish" finds out, he'll hound you if you don't keep current on your postings!! LOL!! Just kidding! Seriously though, glad you're here and glad that you are striving to learn more about your faith! There are many people in here who can answer questions that you might have.

    Now David, it's a great desktop picture, but since Andy is a die-hard Leafs fan (why I don't know!) I think it might be grounds for divorce if I put that picture on our computer. Actually...just had a thought...I'm going to put it on as a joke...hope he doesn't have a heart attack when he sees it, but he'll probably know he has you to blame for the picture! :D

    Hope you're feeling better!


  5. Cari:

    Thanks so much for your visit! I'm glad you've joined "The Fisher Connection" as Julie calls this. I have a wonderful "family" of blogging buddies who love the Lord and enjoy encouraging one another. Please visit often and, if you feel comfortable with this, e-mail me with your e-mail address so I can encourage you. My e-mail address is:

    All of "The Fisher connection" will be praying for you so please stay in touch.

    God's best to you!


  6. Hey Boy!! I am the one that named this, my FAVORITE blog site "The Fisher Connection!!" You better get your facts straight.

    That youngster ,Julie named you The Fish!!

    I was going to warn Cari that you would be fishing for her email address!! Ha!!
    I couldn't though because I had to hurry off to work.

    Hey Cari!! Don't worry. "The Fish" can be trusted but you better heed to the young un's advise and don't slack up on keeping up your blog site and also throw in David a fish now and then in the line of a comment..

    11 11 don I hear 12??? one more reader for David's blog???.from Terry

    All kidding aside though Cari..With David for a friend, you are blessed!!! Don't tell him I said so though!!Shhh!!!!

  7. Terry:

    Oops, I goofed! Yes, it was you who coined the phrase "The Fisher Connection". THANKS!

    Now, to burst your bubble...I thought of another name for those who frequent the PILGRIM SCRIBBLINGS site. How about PILGRIM PALS? What do you think?
    I like it!

    I'm also discovering that there may be more than 9 or 10 readers. Seems like my counter is recording a lot of first-time visitors each day. Now if they'd only keep coming back.

    The books and DVD that you and Bernie sent arrived today. THANKS SO MUCH. It was like having Christmas in September. Don't you dare throw any books away no matter how old. Send them my way and I'll pay for the postage.

    Be encouraged today, dear friend!

    I'm blessed to have you as a PILGRIM PAL. The journey is getting shorter and we're one day closer to home.


  8. Dear David...No way pay for the postage!! I am just so glad that my beloved books will be read, treasured and looked after properly.

    When Bernie and I had to move, I gave thousands of books away to someone we thought would appreciate them and a couple of days later when we drove by their house there were most of the boxes on the yard still and it was pouring rain!!

    I was just very thankful that I hadn't given away my Christian writings!
    We don't have room for them in this smaller house but I had hidden a lot of them away when Bernie was not at home!Haa!
    He is right though..We just don't have enough space!!

    I will send you a few at a time!!...From Terry

  9. Dear David...No I don't like it!
    I like your original name.
    Pilgrim Pals? Naw!!
    The name you have now is far above and set apart from the alternative. There is something more Godly about it..
    Please don't change David....from Terry

  10. Hi-

    I tried to posts comments last night and they kept disappearing in to cyberspace, so here's hoping this goes through!
    Great wallpaper- Mike seems to be on a hot streak lately! Not only is he is a great hockey player, but he's also an amazing role model. As a Christian athlete, I really respect his ability to stay true to his beliefs.
    Speaking of hockey, I had a chance to check out a Wolves game last night. I remember you had a post a while ago about the Staal family, and Jared Staal had a great game. (Since you're a fellow Sens fan- Nick Foligno was solid last night, and was the night's third star). I noticed Mike's on the Wolves Hall of Fame- you must be so proud of him!

    Hope you're doing well!


    Cari- Welcome!