Thursday, September 21, 2006

Bucket or Spoon?

Recently I've had several cases of memory loss. I had an MRI to check this out and they found nothing, absolutely NOTHING.

Carol has been concerned about my mental health so she booked an appointment with a doctor at our local mental health hospital.

As part of our session I was given a test. Dr. M. T. Tubbs took me into the bathroom where the bathtub was filled with water. He posed a simple question and I was quick to respond. It was a no-brainer. "What would you use to empty this tub, a bucket, a tea cup or a spoon?" A bucket, of course.

The doc quickly began making arrangements to have me committed.
"Most sane people would just pull the plug. Do you want a bed beside a window?"



  1. That is certainly funny! I just caught up on your posts! Tho' I don;t post often I sure do read! Thought I'd let you know! Oh and by the way I said your "hello" to David for you and he laughed asking when I spoke to you last as your offices are right next to each other! I informed him of your "concern" that he does not believe you know people everywhere! hahaha

    It was such a blessing to hear him speak as it was as well last time I heard him! Happy Thursday David!


  2. Did you mean that they found nothing wrong or nothing in your head? Oh! That was bad! I am so know I'm only joking though...right? LOL! I couldn't resist that set it up so perfectly.

    You really had me going until I read about Dr. M.T. Tubbs....that's a groaner for sure!


  3. Dear David...When Bernie gets home from work tonight and I read this to him I, I know EXACTLY what he is going to say.
    "If a fly flies into David's ear and into his head, it will be considered a fly LOST in space!! Haaa!!!! From Terry

  4. Dear David...When I read this to Bernie, You KNOW what he said,eh??
    Yeh, that's right...That poor fly would be lost in space!!... From Terry