Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wipe That Smirk Off Your Face

Inspiration for a new song has just struck Rodney Griffin as he stands on a high point in Hawaii.

Anyone who has attended a Greater Vision concert knows that Rodney Griffin can be a "really crazy guy" at times.

He, at the same time, is a sensitive, godly, caring man who has a heart after God's own heart. No wonder I love Southern Gospel music when men like Rodney can pen such powerful lyrics and minister in song so movingly. Thanks, my friend!


  1. Ha!! Looks just like him!! I remember when we first met Rodney that he had a full set of hair!!

    I remember hearing the Dixie Melody Boys just after Rodney had left and Ed commenting that Rodney had got a GREATER VISION!! He didn't sound too happy about it either!!

    My favorite song of his is " I Asked Him for Water-He Gave me the Well !!" Just an amazing song.
    That Lazarus song is really good too. I told Betty once when they were singing it in Hamilton..Listen to the words! I mean all those guys that were healed of their diseases but that Lazarus!! Why he was brought back from the dead!

    Sometimes people are so caught up in the music that they miss the words and the whole meaning of the song!...From Terry

  2. Hey David...long comments. I like the new look of your site...looking good.

    You and I have Greater Vision in common. I agree with Terry...the lyrics in Greater Vision's music is very powerful.

    I hope on day to see them live.

    Lord bless David...hope you and your family are doing well. Praying for you and your family.