Friday, July 28, 2006

Lord Stanley and the Grandkids

Yesterday our son Tim, daughter-in-law Nicole and our grandchildren Carissa, Daynica and Josiah were invited by Cory Stillman to a Stanley Cup party here in Peterborough. Nicole grew up with Cory of the Carolina Hurricanes and, consequently, they were invited to the festivities.

You may recall that I was pulling for the 'Canes (after Ottawa was eliminated) for three reasons:
1. Eric Staal 2. Cory Stillman and 3. Glen Wesley

Now the grandkids will have lots of stories to share when they go back to school. Just think of the millions of little kids in the Toronto area who will never have that opportunity due to the ineptness of the Leafs. So sad for them, eh?

Next year it's the Senators all the way!

This morning Cory is at the Peterborough Memorial Centre with Lord Stanley's mug, signing autographs and greeting fans!

CONGRATULATIONS, Cory, and thanks for remembering the family and friends you grew up with! You've always been a "class act"!

(Here's Josiah, alone with the Cup.)

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