Monday, July 03, 2006

Cardinals in High Places

We love living in the country. The birds and wildlife in our backyard are always exciting to watch. I'm so glad I was able to buy a good digital camera with my first Canada Pension cheque ("check" for you Americans). By the way, I applied early. I'm only going to be 61 later this week.

My Sony has a 12X zoom and I was able to capture this cardinal perched near the top of one of our spruce trees. Often by the time we get our binoculars focused, the birds have flown away but with our camera we can take these shots, zoom in and get a better look.

I'm greatful for God's hanidwork. Looking out our dining room window always is a treat. God is so good!


  1. David...I wrote a nice long comment to this and it disappeared into cyber space!! I have to go to work now. I will try and remember what it was all about and try again tomorrow!
    Hmm.. I wonder where those lost letters go anyway!! It is just a mystery..same as where do those lost socks go from the washing machine?!!!.....from Terry

  2. Well no letters surfaced so I will try and make the comment over again...what I remember of it!

    David that camera! Best thing you ever invested in. It takes such good pictures!
    Binoculars are alright. Katy has three at her cottage but they are just good for the moment. Now a camera will capture the memory for ever and you can share that picture with so many of your friends!!

    That is some zoom that you have! Betty can take a nice picture of the CN tower from Katy's back yard over the lake. She has a good zoomer. I will have to think about getting another camera Ha!!

    Bernie and I never could have any children but all my brothers and sisters had tons of them. I always tell my 26 nieces and nephews that the only "diaper bag" that they will ever see Aunt Terry carrying is a bag full of cameras and camera sticks and 35 mm films! I NEVER leave home with out it!!The kids are always game for my picture taking..never complain!

    I can't wait to get out west and take pictures at our school reunion. Betty of course will have a couple of cameras and I will have three of four. I have almost 10 gigs of sticks and lots of 35 mm film for my "old" camera. Old, yes but in some ways better!!

    I am using a picture of Saija's on my desk top. It is a real nice picture of the prairies.

    Well that's all I can think of. Take care now!!! From Terry