Saturday, July 29, 2006

Sunflower Days

Two of my favorite bloggers posted photos of sunflowers on their sites this week. Most of my "favorite" bloggers posted NOTHING! I spoke with Brodie (Hope of His Calling) last night and suggested that he give me his user name and password and I would post items for him. Now that could be dangerous!

Anyhow, I want all of you who I link to to know...I check your blogs EVERY DAY and when I find NOTHING, I'm disappointed.

Dear friends, you don't want to continually disappointment me (and others) do you?

Anyhow, now that I've severely reprimanded you, I hope you enjoy the sunflowers posted by Saija and Debra.

Nice pix to brighten anyone's day. Who but our awesome Creator God could give us such beauty!

Let us rejoice and be glad in Him! AMEN!

P. S. Cindy has gone to Texas so she is excused from my rant!

Have a great weekend, my friends!

God is good!


  1. Dear David... I am sorry I have been so lax lately, but I have been working a lot of extra hours as one of the girls is on vacation. I am with out a computer then!! So I haven't blogged and I have written very few of my blogging friends.

    I thought I better send you a comment now.
    For one thing I want to thank you very much for the cd that you sent. It was so nice of you.

    You know what David? I should be getting after you, because you didn't answer my question. I was wondering if you had the dvd that Greater Vision and Legacy Five put out together? You let me know OK?

    I better go to bed as we are having Vacation Bible School starting tomorrow and I better not be too tired for picking up all those kids!!

    Thanks again David!! From Teresa

  2. Terry:

    Sorry! We DO have that DVD. Wave to us as we drive home from Buffalo today!

    God bless you at the VBS today. May the Lord touch the hearts of many kids today!

    In His love,