Saturday, July 15, 2006

Holly's Hugs...Holly's Hope

Here's an old but cute photo of our niece, Holly, that Carol found recently. Her shirt says, "HUG ME".

The best way to hug Holly these days is to lift her up in prayer before our loving Father as she slowly recovers from her horrific accident.

I'm including the latest update from Holly's dad, Ken Edwards.

Ken writes:

Holly Hits Another Milestone...

Today Holly spent one full hour in her wheelchair! We were able to take her on a tour of the Hospital cafeteria where Holly enjoyed her favorite drink "Pepsi". We also took her outside for a few minutes to enjoy some fresh air. She was very excited about this little trip and was very appreciative of it although it did exhaust her and it was becoming painful for her to be in the chair for this length of time.

Holly conitnues to improve from her injuries thanks to all the prayers being offered up on her behalf! She has had the oxygen removed and also her IV has been removed and as long as she maintains her fluid intake, it will remain removed. These two items make it much easier for her to be in her wheelchair. She is becoming very alert and is looking forward to getting out of the Hospital environment and moving to the rehabilitation center where she will spend several months. We have been told that if she continues to improve, she may be moved there within a couple of weeks.

God is Good! We see little miracles every day! Please continue to pray for her recovery from her spinal injury. Currently she has no movement in her legs from her knees down. We will not know if this will improve for several more months.



NOTE: The mandate of EPISTLE SPORTS MINISTRIES is to encourage professional and amateur athletes and anyone we come in contact with. Encouragement is our mandate, our main goal. We glorify God by encouraging others to trust Him in times of trial and need as well as in the "good times". We can encourage the family (Ken and Beth's) during this crisis by helping out with some tangible expenses like travel/gas/accommodation, etc. As I mentioned in an earlier e-mail, anyone wishing to help out in this way can send a tax-deductible gift made payable to EPISTLE SPORTS MINISTRIES. All gifts of $10.00 or more are tax-deductible and receipts will be sent at the year-end. We will, in turn, pass this along to Beth and Ken and their immediate family as we see a need. Thanks so much. Please specify that your gift is for "HOLLY'S HOPE" and send to:

294 Rink Street, Suite 101,
Peterborough, ON K9J 2K2

Thanks again for your love, concern, prayers and generosity.


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  1. Dear David...Holly has become very special to all of us! From Teresa