Monday, July 31, 2006

Simon Says, "Great Day for a Tan!"

Thanks to Saija for sending along this cute comic this morning! Now we'll have to think up some "funnies" for all those other New Testament "stars" like "James the Less".

With weather like we've been having, it could very well be "Simon the Burnt to a Crisp"!

Don't forget the sunblock, friends!

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  1. Dear David....So much reading to do on your blog and so little time!!
    It has been a busy week for me but hopefully it will calm down a little next week and then I will have time to read and comment on your blog and Saija's and Tina's and Flip Flop's and Susan's blog. You have so many good blog partners!
    The VBS has been going very well and in between I have to sqeeze in a 48 hour working week at Katy's and plus the preacher is having special ministry meetings in the evening...No time for a boring life!'
    And I hope we don't get any more pep talks on not keeping up our blogs...You , David give us so much reading to do on YOURS that we barely have a moment to turn around!! Ha!!...From Terry