Saturday, July 08, 2006

Sit Down...Let's Talk

The other day I took a number of pictures of my downtown Peterborough office for insurance purposes.

When I looked at this particular photo I thought how inviting it looks. Don't you think so?

Anyhow, I'll give you the comfortable chair (on the left) and I'll take the one on the right. We can make a pot of coffee or get some across the road at Tim Horton's.

That's a little bobblehead of Roger Neilson sitting on the window sill. The book on the coffee table is entitled "The Cabin". When I dream of sitting on the front porch of a cottage on a lake up north, I leaf through this book that my daughter Tammy gave me for Father's Day.

Enough's quiet enough sitting in my office. Come and see me some time. You're always welcome!

CLICK HERE for more information on the book, The Cabin.

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