Friday, July 28, 2006

Cory in Hockeyville

Peterborough hockey fans came out en masse this morning to meet Cory Stillman of the Carolina Hurricanes and catch a glimpe of the Stanley Cup. The lineup wound through the hallowed halls of Peterborough's Memorial Centre.

The procession with Cory and the Cup came down our main street, George Street, and ended up at the rink.

CONGRATULATIONS, Peterborough! We truly are HOCKEYVILLE regardless of how the voting went!

1 comment:

  1. Hi David,

    Great pictures of Lord Stanley...and yes you are right...we ARE Hockeyville!

    I'm enjoying reading your blog...I found it by reading Lizzie's blogs. It's very thought provoking and you have some of the neatest stories and photos. A nice oasis while surfing the net!Keep up the great work!!

    Julie Chatten (my husband Andrew works at House 4, I met you and your lovely wife by "accident" last year!)