Monday, July 17, 2006

My Twin Brother Wilber

Many of you didn't realize that I have a twin brother. He's completely opposite from me though.

He hates Southern Gospel music. Dislikes sports. Is a computer geek. Has a PhD. Lives in the city. Plays the tuba. Enjoys eating bugs. Has a library of 17 books. Enjoys lawn bowling. Craves East Indian food. In other words, he's a wierd and strange dude.

I'll write more about William Wilberforce Fisher IV in subsequent posts. Just thought you'd like to meet him. What a strange duck!


  1. Ha David!! If I put HIS picture on my desk top would it do the job of chasing away mice? YOUR face doesn't seem to be doing the job at all !!!
    Bernie's cat "Shopping News" is thoroughly ashamed of you!!He is scared of mice!!....And would be quite happy if he was rid of them!!.......from Terry

  2. David;

    I can't believe all the long chats we've had and you've never mentioned your twin before! Were you ashamed, or maybe you have recently reconciled. I would love to meet him sometime. His likeness to you is uncanny. I see one thing that is the same is your fashion sense. I'm sure I've seen you wearing the same shirt! Or maybe he was just borrowing yours... Well, keep writing about him, it'll be great to get to know him!

  3. If liking the tuba and craving East Indian food makes one wierd - well, I'm sure I've been called worse,