Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Comments Anyone?

Bloggers love comments...as long as they are positive. When there are no comments following a deeply thought-out post we can become concerned. I have a band of faithful commentators.* Thanks especially to Brodie, Terry, Saija, Debra, Susan and Cindy for your comments.

Have a good and godly day dear friends!

P.S. I better not forget Diana and Sean.

* Commentator - A potato with a lot to say.

Sorry, I just had to "post" that. Brodie, did it make you laugh or groan?


  1. I guess that means it's time for me to leave another comment. :) I may not comment on each post but I'm still a faithful reader.

    Great cartoon but I'm sure that us bloggers aren't really that angry when no one leaves a comment.

    (Unless, of course, we've slaved for hours making sure that a post is just right and knowing in our heart of hearts that this one post will change the course of history and that the world will ultimately be a better place because we've written this masterpiece and then no one comments ...... then we might get a bit ticked off.)

  2. David...That is so funny!!
    You know I have not been a faithful commenter EITHER for the past six days!! I had gone west young man!!

    Guess what David? Way out in the prairies where we were staying at the Comfort Inn in Brandon, Manitoba I spotted just the sweetest little lady.. Well you know,I sometimes speak before I think but she was just so cute!!
    I said to that tiny darling, "Well, You are so small that I think I could put you into my pocket and take you home with me to Ontario!! And SHE told ME.."I am going HOME to Ontario"!! Well we all had a good laugh at that, her husband and me and my nieces! I asked her where she lived in Ontario and when she told me that she lived in Peterbough, I promply thought of Mr. and Mrs. Fisher. I told her, "I know "somebody who lives in Peterbourgh. Do you know David Fisher?" Well to make a long story short David, she and her husband both exclaimed that they DID. In fact the man said that he had worked with your dad for thirty years. Now I can't remember everything they said but I DO remember that they are Christians. They go to the Pentecostal Church. I am bad for remembering names. I think the little lady's name was Velma or Thelma?
    I am going to email their picture when I get a chance to download my pictures from the trip.
    Got to run now but I will be returning to read you posts later and to hopefully COMMENT!!!.. from Terry

  3. Oh, I laughed - for sure! I guess I should thank my "comment-ators" as well. So, thank you David... I guess that's it - well, and my sister of course, and occasionally my Dad. Maybe I would have more consistent comments if I had more consistent posts!!!

  4. I LOVE comments...I can't get enough of them! I read blogs that have long trails of comments, and I think, "How do they do that? How do they get so much feedback?"

    I hereby resolve to comment more often.