Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Don't Let the Sandals Fool Ya, Brother

On a recent CD by the Specks entitled Doin' Church, the Triumphant Quartet sing a song penned by my favorite song writer, Rodney Griffin of Greater Vision.

The song is entitled, "Don't Let the Sandals Fool You (or "Ya"...as Rodney says), Brother".

My son Matthew (10), another Southern Gospel fan, and I love that song and we play it over and over again.

I thought it was "funny" that Rodney (on the left) has sandals on in this photo...taken during their Hawaii cruise.

Check out that song when you get a chance. You'll like it also!

"They say He's only Joseph's son, I tell you, "HE'S THE HOLY ONE!"


  1. i love the name of the song!

  2. David That little man in the middle is praying for MY dad!! God bless him! And God bless you too David Fisher!!....from Terry

  3. David...I'm behind on Greater Vision's new work...I'll have to take a listen.

    Thanks for sharing...nothing like some good old gospel music to make your day!