Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Chance to Die

Today I picked up a book in a Borders store in Watertown, NY that I have looked at for years without buying it. So, I bit the bullet, took the plunge. Now for the challenge...

Here's a brief review of this book about Amy Carmichael, penned by Elisabeth Elliot:

A Chance to Die: The Life and Legacy of Amy Carmichael by Elisabeth Elliot, Baker Book House

"Here is a book that will challenge any Christian in any walk of life to deny themselves, take up their cross daily, and follow Jesus. The missionary life is, in fact, the normal Christian life for every Christian, for every Christian is an ambassador for Christ. As such, this biography will be a great help to any reader in focusing their hearts and minds on the God-given task before them (1 Peter 2:9)--whatever their walk of life.

This book also gives much needed rebukes against those who support missions financially on the basis of numbers saved. This book re-affirms the biblical principle time and again that the Christian's work is not saving, but declaring. The work of saving is God's alone; and if no one is saved, the missionary must keep working and we must keep supporting.

Finally: Is this book biased? Gee, I hope so. Biased for one who gave all for the lost and for the glory of God. If there is an unhealthy bias in the book, I don't see it. And if it is there, it doesn't matter; for the issue is not Elisabeth Elliot and her approach to Amy Carmichael. The issue is that Amy Carmichael has left us a Christlike example that is biblical. We need to follow her as she followed Christ. Forget any supposed bias and try living her life. Believe me, no one who spends their time trying to follow Christ as Amy did will have any time left to worry about possible bias. And the book shows Amy as a sinner, for sure. So the book does not gloss over Amy's faults. This is a must read; but be prepared to be convicted and challenged. "


  1. This looks like a good book to read David! Well worth buying!!

    It is early and I am off to another day of of "work" at Katy's!!

    The weather is HOT but I am not complaining except for the fact that we can't somehow "can" a whole bunch of it to open up and use for a cold winter's day

    Have a great day David and all his friends!...From Terry

  2. i agree with terry ... it looks like a GREAT book!

    it would be interesting to ready about Amy's struggles with pain and how you keep a sweet spirit despite the every day reality of it ...

  3. You finally got it!
    You won't be sorry,