Monday, July 31, 2006

The Shirt Off My Back

Unlike many men, I enjoy shopping! Like many women, I love getting bargains!

This morning I picked up a shirt at Eastern Hills Mall in Buffalo for an unbelieveable price. Maybe when you look at the picture you'll say, "I wouldn't pay a dime for that dish rag!"

I was almost as excited as Debra was when she picked up an old dish drainer at a yard sale for nothing, nada, FREE! Check out her find at:

This evening I pulled 20 straight pins out of my shirt, ironed it and I'll wear it to work tonight. I also took the price tag and peeled back each of the stickers on it.

The price began at $30.00. Then it dropped to $12.97. Then $9.97, $4.97 and $1.97. What a deal, eh!

I call it good stewardship of the Lord's money! Wanna buy a shirt? I'll sell it cheap (for $10.00) but you better be a big guy. It's an XXL.


  1. Way to small for me David. I take a triple X!!!!

    The only shopping I like is book stores and electronics.. Way too boring to go to clothing stores!!....God's Blessings on you from Terry

  2. Wow! Don't you just love finding a great deal like that?! (Thanks for linking to me, too...). :) Good to see you back here after your trip... Blessings, Debra

  3. yay for deals! that is a super one! i LOVE bargains and remember what something costs decades after i've bought it and still own it ... :o) ...

    better deal yet is family who find deals, then share ... like the lee cords that my cousin gave me yesterday ... she paid $5.00 for them and i paid $0 ... :o) ...

    despite some sad spots in your summer, it does look like God has provided many rainbow spots for you guys as well!