Thursday, July 20, 2006

Have You Enlisted?

The SENS ARMY is gaining ground as the Senators prepare for another run at the Stanley Cup in the 2006-2007 season. Have you enlisted yet?

What about the Lord's Army? That more important! God is looking for foot soldiers who will boldy bear His colors and go forth to war against evil. His mighty power, through the Holy Spirit, will give us the victory.

Whose army are you in anyway?

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  1. Dear David...I am gald to say that both Bernie and I are in the Lord's Army!!
    The kids at Sunday School love that song, "I'm in the Lord's Army!" I think that it was written by Ira Stamphill.

    I KNOW who's army you are in Mr. amd Mrs. Fisher! And I hope that your twin brother although he is your COMPLETE opposite [except for his taste in shirts apparently] is in that army too! I really do!!..from Terry